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At Character Numerology, we are focused on helping people of all ages to improve their lives through discovering their personalities and those around them. 

What if you can determine a person’s character in a matter of minutes, and you don’t even need to meet them in person to know?

What if you have the means to observe life-changing events for yourself, your loved ones, or others? Could you then be prepared and make a conscious effort to change it or embrace it?

How about having greater clarity in understanding yourself from a refreshingly different perspective and steer yourself to a path of success?

Learning Numerology can help us with the above. And we can also apply Numerology in many more ways too.

Would you like to find out more about what Numerology can do to bring positive changes to your life? Feel free to navigate around this website using the menus above. Or you can get yourself started with the below navigation.

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How to Create a Mastermind Group
Numerology Blog

How to Create a Mastermind Group Using Numerology

If you are seeking partners for a business venture or assembling a team for an upcoming project, one of the first things on your mind is determining the right individuals to collaborate with. In this article, we will explore the process of forming a mastermind group and how utilising numerology can contribute to the success …

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Numerology of Labradorite
Gemstone & Crystal Meanings · Gemstones · Numerology Blog

Numerology of Labradorite – Exploring the Metaphysical Meaning of This Mystical Gemstone

The numerology of Labradorite is connected to the number 6 vibration in Pythagorean numerology, and it is associated with wisdom, wealth, intuition, creativity, family-oriented values, and discipline. People born under the influence of the number 6 vibrations are thought to be kind, nurturing, and empathetic, with a natural inclination to help others. When understanding the …

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Numerology of Peridot
Gemstone & Crystal Meanings · Gemstones · Numerology Blog

The Numerology of Peridot: Cracking the Metaphysical Meaning

In this post, I would like to discuss the numerology of peridot as a way to understand its vibrational energy. I believe it offers a supplementary understanding from the usual crystal healing perspective.  And in the Pythagorean numerology methodology, knowing your character through studying your numbers only helps you to understand yourself.   While it …

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Mobile Number Numerology
I Ching Energy Numerology · Mobile Number Numerology · Numerology Blog

Recalibrate Your Energy Vibration with Mobile Number Numerology

Are you curious whether your mobile number is auspicious or not? To do that, we can ascertain the vibrational energy of your mobile number using mobile number numerology. This post will offer an insightful perspective if you are considering whether you should change your mobile number.   And if you are a believer in numerology already, you …

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Numerology of 2023
Numerology Blog

Numerology of 2023 – Align Your Focus with Universal Year 7

In this article, we will be going through the numerology of 2023, which will help us to understand the vibrational frequency of the world this year. It will enable us to have a big-picture overview so that we can position ourselves better for the year in alignment with the universe. The year 2023 is the …

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