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I Ching Energy Numerology

If you have found your way to this article, you may probably have heard about I Ching (易经, Yi Jing, or Book of Changes) and may have seen a few ways of divination. From a numerology perspective, I will be sharing a method that references the I Ching. And I call this the I Ching Energy Numerology (literally translated from 易经数字能量学). 

Very little to none has been written on this method in English, where I could not find it in the online space. And that is also why I had to give it a name that I find most suitable, easy, and direct for people to understand.

For the past few years, I have been using this numerology system in tandem with the Pythagorean numerology system.

And the experience of employing these two numerology systems has helped me have a greater awareness of the characteristics of people around me.

It has helped to increase the accuracy of character analysis through the cross confirmation from 2 systems.

I Ching Energy Numerology - Awareness

The I Ching energy numerology method can also help us observe why certain events may likely happen whenever a particular set of numbers appear.

I hope that this method will be of value to people in the English-speaking world who have taken an interest in the realm of numerology at any level of proficiency.

The Value of I Ching Energy Numerology

Do any of the following questions surface in your mind once in a while where you wonder why:

  • you have been working so hard all your life but not getting the kind of returns or recognition you desire?
  • some people are always so lucky and do not have much worries about money?
  • some people seem to earn a lot of money but are unable to grow or sustain their wealth?
  • some people are always so happy and carefree?
  • you or someone you know are often facing bad relationships (rotten peach blossoms)?
  • some people may meet with an accident unscathed, while others may perish?
  • you or some people often seem to quarrel or have a certain rage?
  • some people are always good with words?

And the list goes on.

I Ching Energy Numerology - Wondering

I Ching Energy Numerology can provide an explanation to these questions and has the solutions to address these pain points to improve our lives.

It is also relatively easy to learn, which I will explain further in the subsequent sections below.

When you have mastered the number meanings from this numerology system, you will know what numbers to avoid and what numbers to acquire.

The other numerology methodology worth mentioning that uses the I Ching is the Plum Blossom Numerology (Mei Hua Yi Shu, 梅花易数).

However, this is a Chinese divination method and requires an extensive understanding of the trigrams and hexagrams. Thus, it is more complex to comprehend. Nevertheless, the angle of usage is focused on making predictions rather than on character analysis.

What is I Ching Energy Numerology?

The I Ching Energy Numerology system has its origin from the I Ching through the association with the Eight Mansion Feng Shui system.

Association with Eight Mansion Feng Shui

The Eight Mansions (or eight houses) Feng Shui is a method primarily used for analysing the Feng Shui of a house in accordance with a person’s Life Gua (Life Kua, Life Star, or Ming Gua) number.

The Life Gua number helps to determine the favourable or unfavourable location in a dwelling for a person.

The concept of a Life Gua number is somewhat similar to knowing our Character Root Number or Life Path number, but the calculation is based on your birth year and gender. See the section below on how to calculate your Life Gua number.

Each dwelling (e.g., house, office, etc.) is divided into 8 sectors or directions to determine its Feng Shui, and each Life Gua number has a different positioning of these 8 sectors.

The 8 sectors are categorised into 4 auspicious (positive) and 4 inauspicious (negative) stars, energy fields, or ‘qi’.

The 4 auspicious energies are namely:

  • Stability (Fu Wei, 伏位)
  • Life Generating (Sheng Qi, 生气)
  • Heavenly Doctor (Tian Yi,天医)
  • Longevity (Yan Nian, 延年)

And the 4 inauspicious energies are:

  • Six Killings (Liu Sha, 六煞)
  • Life Threatening (Jue Ming, 绝命)
  • Mishaps (Huo Hai, 祸害)
  • Five Ghost (Wu Gui, 五鬼).

By positively arranging your dwelling according to the positioning of the 8 sectors of your Life Gua number, it will help to trigger the desirable benefits from such energies. For instance, you will want to align your bedroom and study room with the auspicious energies.

The Application of I Ching Energy Numerology

The I Ching Energy Numerology draws on the concept of the Eight Mansion Feng Shui’s auspicious and inauspicious energies.

Instead of analysing the feng shui of a premise, the I Ching Energy Numerology evaluates a person’s NRIC, mobile number, vehicle number plate, house number, and others.

One question that may surface in your mind is how can a Feng Shui practice be applicable to Numerology?

When I first began learning this numerology method years ago, the history was not explained to me by my teacher. Other than a brief mention of its relation to the I Ching, trust the system and don’t ask seems to be the explanation.

While it has been proven to me that it works as well as through my subsequent experience, my curiosity prompts me to continue my pursuit to research it further.

I Ching Energy Numerology - Curiosity

Nevertheless, most people are probably not too concerned with how the system was devised. As long as it works, it is good enough.

But a simple explanation is, if you agree or believe, that everything in the world is about numbers. Maths is the universal language.

Feng Shui takes reference from the I Ching. And the trigrams are binary in nature.

In that sense, the derivation of the auspicious and inauspicious energies has a mathematical underpinning.

The numbers that we inherit or the numbers that we acquire carry vibrational energies that will influence our lives.

Hence, if a dwelling’s vibrational energy can be explained via numbers through the 8 sectors, the same numerical explanation can be applied to our IC, mobile number, vehicle number, house number, etc.

The Mechanics of I Ching Energy Numerology

To understand the mechanics of I Ching Energy Numerology, we can first be aware that the Eight Mansions Feng Shui uses the Later Heaven Bagua (the eight trigrams).

And the Later Heaven Bagua is devised based on the Lo Shu. Thus, the numbering sequence of the eight trigrams is based on the Lo Shu.

I Ching Energy Numerology - Lo Shu & Later Heaven Bagua

Each of the Eight Mansion Feng Shui energy fields mentioned in the earlier section has its respective set of numbers and meanings when we analyse using the I Ching Energy Numerology system.

Generally, other than the Master Numbers, the western numerology systems will go through the process of reducing the numbers into single digits for analysis.

But for the I Ching Energy Numerology system, the energy fields are represented by double-digit numbers to symbolise the respective auspicious and inauspicious energy fields to predict a person’s life or characteristics.

The double-digit numbers are formulated based on pairing the Life Gua number and the Later Heaven Bagua numbering sequence.

This pairing will thus form 64 auspicious and inauspicious energy fields.

There are 8 Life Gua numbers from 1 to 4 and 6 to 9. And these numbers are divided into the East group and the West group.

Life Gua numbers 1, 3, 4, and 9 belongs to the East group, while 2, 6, 7, and 8 belong to the West group.

When you pair your Life Gua number with the Later Heaven Bagua numbering sequence, numbers in the same group will be auspicious. And it will be inauspicious if your Life Gua number is paired with the other group.

I Ching Energy Numerology - 8 Mansion East Group
East Group
I Ching Energy Numerology - 8 Mansion West Group
West Group

Examples of positive energy fields that symbolise the Heavenly Doctor are the numbers 13, 31, 27, and 72. These numbers generally represent wealth.

And examples of negative energy fields that symbolises the Five Ghost are the numbers 18, 81, 79, and 97.

The Five Ghost numbers will generally cause considerable instability in our lives. It is advisable to avoid these numbers in your mobile number or vehicle number plates.

Learn more on calculating your Life Gua number and the derivation of the 64 auspicious and inauspicious I Ching Energy numbers in the section below.

Proving that I Ching Energy Numerology works

So you now have a fair idea of what is I Ching Energy Numerology about. The question that will surface on anyone’s mind is how accurate is this?

It does not help if I tell you that I believe it works. You have to experience it yourself. Nevertheless, I can show you some examples.

Below are a few YouTube videos which I have found where it shows a series of vehicle accidents.

What I am about to show you may be a bit disturbing for some readers, so if you are not used to watching such scenes, do skip these through.




From the above videos, do you observe a particular number pattern that appears in each of these vehicle accidents?

Did you notice the numbers 97, 18, and 24 appear in these videos?

The first and third video has the number 97 via vehicle number plates SMM4097Y and SKE4197H.

And in the second video, you will see the multiple numbers 18 and 24 from vehicle number plate XE1818R. Note that the number 24 comes from the letter X. And the letter R is also equivalent to the number 18.

What do these numbers mean? As briefly mentioned in the earlier sections, these are the inauspicious energy numbers representing the Five Ghost.

Vehicles owners should avoid having such numbers in their number plates so that they will have less likelihood to attract or cause accidents.

When you learn I Ching Energy Numerology, you start to recognise the auspicious and inauspicious numbers.

You will know what are good numbers to acquire and bad numbers to avoid. You will see numbers differently, and the sequence of the numbers can tell you a story.

But just by showing you these examples, it may still not be sufficient to prove to you that this numerology system works. You do have to experience and see it for yourself.

I used to be skeptical about this too. However, having studied and witnessed many such video recordings and actual accidents that I have seen on the roads, the vehicles involved will almost always have such similar inauspicious numbers.

So you can observe for yourself and change your vehicle number plate to a more positive set of numbers if you believe in this.

Where Can You Apply I Ching Energy Numerology?

And it is not just vehicle number plates. Your national registration identity card (NRIC) number, mobile number, house number, ATM pins, passwords, and email address will all have an influence on your life.

Among these, your mobile number is perhaps the most influential. It is simply because you use it all the time and will hence affect your wealth, health, and relationship the most.

I Ching Energy Numerology - Mobile Phone

Your NRIC, if you have this form of national identification in your country, is what we call your inherited numbers. While it is assigned to you by your government, you get these numbers from birth, and follow you for life.

Therefore, the energy fields of these numbers will shape your character and influence your destiny. As you can’t change this number, any deficiency may be corrected by looking at your acquired numbers.

In India, perhaps the closest to the NRIC is the Aadhaar number. And in the USA, that would be the Social Security Number (SSN). However, neither of these are mandatory to be provided at birth, per my understanding.

Nevertheless, if anyone eventually has such numbers, it becomes their acquired numbers. It will be worth noting the vibrational energies that it brings. And unlike mobile numbers, this number cannot be changed once assigned.

You should also be aware of the other numbers you acquired throughout your life, such as your house number, ATM pins, passwords, and email address. Ensure that they carry auspicious numbers.

How Do You Calculate?

In this section, we will be going through how you can calculate your Life Gua number so that you know whether you belong to the East group or the West group.

Once you know which group you belong to, you should then choose to use the numbers only within that group as your preferred option whenever possible going forward.

I Ching Energy Numerology - Hexagram Li Kan

Doing so means you encircle yourself in the most auspicious set of numbers beneficial to your vibration.

We will then look at what are the 64 auspicious and inauspicious I Ching Energy numbers and how they are being derived.

Deriving your Life Gua Number

To derive your Life Gua number, reduce the last 2 digits of your birth year into a single digit. The next step is to consider your gender.

For those born before 2000:

  • If you are a female, take the single-digit and add 5.
  • If you are a male, take 10 minus the single digit computed from your birth year.

For those born after 2000:

  • If you are a female, take the single-digit and add 6.
  • If you are a male, take 9 minus the single digit computed from your birth year.

If the addition becomes greater than 10, reduce it to single digits and that will be your Life Gua number.

And in case you arrive at a number 5, your Life Gua number will be 8 for females and 2 for males.

For those born in 2000, 2009, and 2018, your Life Gua number will be 6 for females and 9 for males.

The year calculation is based on 4th Feb of one year to 3rd Feb of the following year.

Let us do an example by taking the year 1985. The calculation for males and females will work out as follows:

  • Reducing birth year to single digit: 8 + 5 = 13 = 1 + 3 = 4
  • For males: 10 – 4 = Life Gua Number 6 [West Group]
  • For females: 4 + 5 = Life Gua Number 9 [East Group]

Let us also do an example using the year 2014 to demonstrate the calculation for those born after 2000:

  • Reducing birth year to single digit: 1 + 4 = 5
  • For males: 9 – 5 = Life Gua Number 4 [East Group]
  • For females: 5 + 6 = 11 = 1 + 1 = Life Gua Number 2 [West Group]

Deriving the I Ching Energy numbers

There are 8 Life Gua Numbers and 8 Later Heaven trigrams, where each trigram has its number derived from the Lo Shu. The pairing of these 2 will form the 64 I Ching Energy numbers.

In case you may be wondering, they are not the same numbers as the 64 hexagrams.

To derive the I Ching Energy numbers, we pair the Life Gua number on the Later Heaven Bagua (or the Lo Shu / Magic Square) number that matches first. Then we go clockwise (or anti-clockwise).

Repeat this process for each Life Gua number, and you will have the 64 I Ching Energy numbers. An example using Life Gua 1 is shown below.

I Ching Energy Numerology - Number Pairing of Life Gua and Later Heaven Bagua
Number Pairing of Life Gua and Later Heaven Bagua

This process is just for your reference on the mechanics of how the numbers are being derived.

What is ultimately essential for us to understand is the end product, which we can refer to in the 2 tables below.

Each of the I Ching Energy numbers is categorised into 4 auspicious and 4 inauspicious energy fields as shown below.

The numbers that are most auspicious or inauspicious for each energy field are in the level 1 column, while the weakest numbers are in the level 4 column.

Energy Fields
Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
Heavenly Doctor13/3168/8649/9427/72
Life Generating14/4167/7639/9328/82
Auspicious Energy Field Numbers

Energy Fields
Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
Six Killings16/6147/7438/8329/92
Life Threatening12/2169/9648/8437/73
Five Ghost18/8179/9736/6324/42
Inauspicious Energy Field Numbers

Schools of Thought in using I Ching Energy Numbers

There are 2 schools of thought on the usage of the I Ching Energy numbers.

One thing that we should remember is that, in numerology, all numbers have positive and negative sides.

So while there are 32 auspicious and 32 inauspicious numbers, each number has its positive and negative nature.

For example, people having the Five Ghost numbers are generally more creative and have more ideas. But their life is also generally unstable.

Six Killings numbers have the effect of attracting relationships, so it could be beneficial for building up a team. But it may also cause marital affair issues.

Mishaps numbers have the effect of being eloquent on the positive sides. But it may also cause the user of such numbers to exaggerate or be impulsive.

In one school of thought, the method of teaching is that we may pair specific auspicious and inauspicious numbers together.

The concept is to draw out the positive traits of the inauspicious energy fields using the auspicious numbers energy fields. In that sense, the negative effects from the inauspicious numbers may be suppressed.

Generally, we do not pair different inauspicious energy fields together.

In another school of thought, the method of teaching is to remove all inauspicious energy fields within our control.

And the reason is that we have inherited numbers from our NRIC that may already carry inauspicious energy field numbers.

Hence, if your mobile number has the same or other inauspicious numbers as well, aren’t you making your life difficult?

I Ching Energy Numerology -Man Running Up against Obstacles

Therefore, when we tune the numbers that encircle our life, we got to look at our inherited numbers, such as our NRIC (or considering Aadhaar and SSN) first, and remedy it accordingly with numbers we can change.

This method is also straightforward and simpler to do, as opposed to trying to mix auspicious and inauspicious numbers to enhance certain desirable character traits.

Such mixing of auspicious and inauspicious numbers may be considered when you have a more enhanced level of understanding of the number meanings.

Do You Believe In This Numerology System?

In this article, I have:

  • Introduced I Ching Energy Numerology and the problems it may solve
  • Covered its origins
  • How you can apply this numerology method
  • Presented a few proofs of real-life examples
  • Gone through the calculation method
  • Shared all the auspicious and inauspicious numbers that you need to know

I hope this article has been valuable to you, and you have gained fruitful insights into this numerology system with the materials presented.

If you have found this numerology system convincing and believe it can be relatively accurate in helping you to guide your life, I welcome you to read my subsequent posts, where I will write about the number meanings.

Do Like and Follow Character Numerology social media channels should you wish to receive updates on new content.

And if you have any immediate questions, comments, or queries on this topic, please do not hesitate to reach out to me by leaving a comment below, or you can chat with me on the right.

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  1. I am not familiar with this I Ching Energy Numerology system, but it is mind-blowing! I have calculated my Life Gua with your method, and it’s 9 – I am a female born in 1985. However, I don’t know how it can affect my life. Do I have to go and take a specific chart to see my numbers? Well, anyway, it is very interesting and a welcomed complement to the Pythagorean numerology system. Do you plan to publish a part 2?

    • Hi angelce903, you will need to look at the numbers that you have inherited or acquired. The most common number we can look at is your mobile number, and from there, we can look at how these numbers affect you. However, it is preferred to also look at your inherited numbers (if you have a government-issued identity number) as it is a set of numbers you can’t change.

      The I Ching Energy Numerology system is, in a sense, part 2, where part 1 is the Pythagorean Numerology system. 🙂

  2. Excellent review, and to be honest, I Ching Energy Numerology is not as simple as people tend to think. I do have a friend that began this journey a few years ago, and it is amazing how she changed her life. The human mind is full of surprises, and as we all know, our body tends to reflect our mental status. She was able to change her life completely, and now she is very much more successful than before. Thanks for sharing and making it visible to all of us that this can be a life-changing process. 

    • Hi Johnny, thank you for reading and sharing your friend’s experience.

      I do hope I can make this numerology system as easy as possible for people to understand. As opposed to the I Ching Numerology, the I Ching Energy Numerology should be much simpler to pick up. 

  3. I am happy to read the article, and it has very comprehensive information about I Ching Energy Numerology. I have heard of numerology before, but I don’t know much about it. But I now understand a bit more what this is all about, especially where you have given real-life examples.

    Thank you for the amount of work you have put in. Do keep writing this as it helps me gain new knowledge about numerology.


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