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Numerology Number Meanings in the Pythagorean Numerology Method

In this article, we will be touching on the topic of Numerology Number Meanings. Before we begin, I would like to share the following that is translated from a Chinese saying:

“One who knows his own strength and that of the enemy is invincible in battle.”

How well do you know yourself? And how well do you know the people around you, be it friend or foe (though hopefully, you have none)?

Many of you may be able to describe who you are to a large extent. But there will be others who probably couldn’t put it down in words. This is, after all, a feeling about yourself. And feelings are not something that one can easily put down in words.

Or you would certainly have come across a conversation with your manager or during an interview asking you to describe yourself, what are your strengths and weaknesses, and explain why? Do you find this easy to articulate?

You may go well-prepared beforehand to tackle such questions, but is this really an accurate depiction of you? There will be people who find such questions difficult to answer.

And how much do you know the people around you? How much will they reveal their true self to you?

What if there is a way for you to overcome all these, a methodology that can give you an accurate revelation of who you are and of others?

One answer to this is through, Numerology.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is a science-based approach to understanding the universe around us by studying the hidden meaning of numbers. It is not fortune-telling if you may wonder.

The numbers that we inherit from birth or acquired throughout our lives will have meanings where each number carries certain energies or vibrations that are positive or negative. It will therefore shape and defines us.

Numbers naturally lead us to maths. And maths is the universal language. Wherever you go, regardless of where you are in the world, the formulas will mean the same thing even when it is explained in a different language.

Numerology is, therefore, all-inclusive and can be applied to anyone.

Origin of Numerology

The roots of Numerology will mostly be traced to one of the most famous advocates of numbers, Pythagoras. In modern-day times, the most commonly practised Numerology method is Pythagorean Numerology.

The exact dates of his life cannot be determined. In Wikipedia, it estimates that he lives between 570 B.C – 495 B.C. In the book, “The Secret Science of Numerology” by Shirley Blackwell Lawrence, it is written that he lived between 582 B.C. – 507 B.C.

In either case, he probably lived for around 75 years.

Numerology aside, you will have heard about Pythagoras in school, because he is the one who established the familiar Pythagoras Theorem of a2 + b2 = c2.

Pythagoras also emphasised music and astronomy in his teachings as these have numbers in the underlying foundation.

However, the Pythagorean Numerology method is not the only Numerology method nor the earliest one. It is mainly popular because it is the easiest to apply and sufficiently accurate to perform character analysis.

Other Numerology methods or systems would include Chaldean Numerology, Kabbalah Numerology, and I Ching Energy Numerology.

In the next section, we will be looking at the Numerology Number Meanings from the Pythagorean Numerology method perspective.

Summary of Numerology Number Meanings

Below is a summary of the Numerology Number Meanings from Numbers 1 to 9, showing the key positive and negative traits. Click on each link to read more about the meaning of each number.

Character Root NumberMnemonic
(Key Defining Word)
Positive TraitsNegative Traits
1LeaderLeader, Independent, Confident, Organized, CreativeSelf-Centered, Lonely, Overestimate yourself
2CommunicatorEloquent, Strong Communication Skills, Persuasive, Patience, CompassionateTalkative, Blunt, Indecisive, Hesitation, Easily Influenced
3EnergizerAction Taker, Optimistic, Energetic, Expressive, TalentedTemperamental, Impatient, Rash
4MastermindIntelligent, Great Planning Skills, Values BeautyImpatient, Insecure, Very much concerned with his reputation (to save face)
5ConquerorAmbitious, Analytical / Meticulous, Clear Objectives, Leader, CreativeSelf-Centered, Obstinate, Indecisive, Temperamental, Lack of Trust
6SageAdventurous, Creative, Family Oriented, Wise, Intelligent, DisciplinedRisk-taker, Impatient, Strong self-esteem, Arrogant, Materialistic
7CelebritySociable, Lucky, Gratitude, Good in analysis, Sense of justice, IngeniousSnobbish, Indecisive, Sluggish, Gloomy
8GuardianEnergetic, Responsible, Likes Challenges, Active and CourageousStressful, Anxious, Strong desire to be in control, Disorganised when doing things, Vain
9EntrepreneurSound business acumen, Observant, Intelligent, Adventurous, HonestLack of focus, Greedy, Loner, Fear of failure, Lazy

Which Character Root Number are you? Do you know how to calculate your own Character Root Number?

Knowing your Character Root Number will then lead you to understand what are your main characteristics from a positive or negative perspective.

Once you have mastered how to perform your own Pythagorean Numerology calculation, you may wonder what the other numbers in the chart mean. How do you interpret them and draw meaning or understanding from them?

How to Interpret the Numbers?

Once you can internalise and appreciate the meaning of each Character Root Number, it will become easier for you to understand the interaction between Numbers.

For example, the 2-7 number pattern refers to the interaction between the Communicator and the Celebrity. It, therefore, implies charisma and attraction. If you have this number pattern in your chart, you are likely to be great at communication and able to convince others. People are attracted to you either due to how you present or even your appearance which exudes a certain charm.

However, not all number patterns are straightforward in their understanding. It will certainly take some practice.

But for ease of reference, I have tried to summarise what different birthdates say about a person’s characteristics for those I can document.

You can refer to the links below which will lead you to the respective month of birth.

Final Thoughts

When you understand yourself, you will have won half the battle. If you can understand others as well, you will be invincible. Perhaps exaggerating, but there are certain truths to this.

Through learning Numerology, you will be equipped in your mind, or at your fingertips, a methodology that will help you better succeed in life.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and that it has provided value to you. Leave a comment if you have any thoughts or questions.

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30 thoughts on “Numerology Number Meanings in the Pythagorean Numerology Method”

  1. What if that person had a brush with death? Like they almost died in a car accident but survived? Are they considered “rebirthed” and would therefore have a new set of DOB? if yes, how would their new DOB affect their old DOB?

    I’ve read that after someone cheats death, a part of them is gone. if that is true then how will it also affect their numerology?

    • Hi Peggy,

      This is an interesting question, and I have not considered this. And come to think of it, I do know a person who had a severe motorcycle accident but survived. And when I look at his numerology chart based on his date of birth, his characteristics don’t match what it says in the chart. You mentioned a new set of DOB after a “rebirth” from a brush with death, can you elaborate more on how that date of birth may be obtained? Thanks for your comment on putting forth such an interesting scenario!

      • Hello Richard,

        Thank you for the reply.

        I was thinking, in a situation where a person wakes up from a coma, or when his heart stopped beating but got resuscitated back. Do they get a new set of DOB?

        • Hi Peggy,

          I personally do not think so, but I wouldn’t rule out this possibility as it can be something worthwhile to observe and research further on such a use case. Do you know anyone who is in this scenario? I think it will be a good learning process to observe potential changes on this person’s character. If you happen to know such a person in this scenario and would like to explore further, I be happy to participate in a case study together with you for learning purpose. Let me know if you are keen.


  2. There are lots of things that people are not aware of, and one of the things I find so hard to understand is Numerology. Thanks for writing about it to explain what each number means from a Numerology context. I’ve read a lot about it earlier, but I didn’t seem to understand. After reading through this article, I find this is really helpful for me to understand better.

    • Hi Shavo, glad that this has been helpful to you. The Pythagorean Numerology system is actually the easiest to understand. Perhaps you may have chanced upon other Numerology systems that are more difficult to learn.

  3. I have read about numerology before on an article that talked about how to use the Pythagorean method for numerology calculation. Getting to read this article, my understanding about numerology has been increased. Numerology seems to be an effective and interesting way to know one’s personality. Thanks for this educating article on numerology.

    • Hi Nelson, you are welcome. I may sometimes compare this with DISC profiling, which is a scientific way of knowing one’s personality style. However, that requires you to do a survey, and you can only figure out your own personality. Hence, Numerology may indeed be more effective as it is quicker to find out not just your own personality but other people’s personality style.

  4. Hello there, I like this great article because it talks about the understanding of oneself. One thing first is to understand yourself before you can try to understand other person. Numerology is actually great, as it helps to set a pace in someone’s life. Thanks for sharing this beautiful article here.

  5. Hey.

    Thank you for sharing this useful information personally i have a little experience on this science of number. I belives that the personal numerology numbers send out frequencies, like the waves of the ocean, ebbing and flowing in predictable cycle, these waves, when converted to a personal numbers system can help interpret the life of an individual

    MY little question to you which numelorogy system is so usefull?

    • Hi Ramah, good to know you have some experience with Numerology too. 

      In my opinion, the combination of Pythagorean and I Ching Numerology system is very useful to have a high accuracy of understanding yourself or another person. And we can then use the I Ching Numerology system to rectify the negative energies that we may have inherited or acquired.

  6. I love this. Having a good knowledge of yourself has equipped you halfway for success and knowing people around you also moves you a step farther. It’s not possible to understand people when you don’t understand yourself. I think I’ll need to study this more to digest effectively. Thank you for this

    • Hi Elizabeth, you are welcome. Indeed, we seek first to understand ourselves before we begin to understand others. Knowing the meaning of the numbers in Numerology and acquire the ability to interpret them gives us a good framework to easily understand ourselves.

  7. Hi,

    From my online research about the topic numerology is how we simplify sacred numbers, and how we apply it to understand all aspects of our individual existence, our love life, career/business, health, family life, friendships, spirituality, leisurely activities, and personality can all be mathematically explained and understood, numerology teaches the hidden meanings of numbers and the significance they hold for our lives.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Aluko, well said! And once we understand the hidden meanings from the aspects as you mentioned, that is where we can progress towards knowing what we need to change or improve on. We can also be more conscious about what numbers we should avoid in our surroundings as the combination of certain numbers will result in negative energies being formed. 

  8. Hello Richard, it’s really a cleverly written article you have here and most of us are not aware of these things and then even after this article I’ll still need to come back for more so I’ll be clear about some things. I actually like the background you have given here, and even as something seem to the mystery, with an understanding of numerology one can get them easily 

  9. This is not the first time that I am reading about numerology but the first time that I did, I didn’t understand the concept as well as you have explained it to me here and I like how you’re able to tell me a whole lot about it too. I think it is a great concept and the fact that it has Ben used for a very long time also.makes it valid too.

    • Hi Suz,

      Thanks for reading this post. Numerology has been around for a long time indeed and it has its truth to it. Practicing is believing, and with Pythagoras Numerology, it is a knowledge that is quite easy to learn. It gives us a framework of how we can understand ourselves and our loved ones quite quickly. 

  10. This is the first time I’m actually reading about numerology, I mean the meaning of numbers and it is very interesting. Numerology is a very interesting thing to get at and  I’m really perplexed at the way you’ve explained in details what numbers can mean. I’d love to know more about this, thanks for this thoughtful one.

    • Hi Bruce, thanks for reading this article and good to know this is the first time you have chanced upon the topic of Numerology. It is one more person reached to have gained an insight into this age-old topic that has actually been around us for a long time. 

      Do check back from time to time as more content will certainly be added. You can read more about the meaning of each number by following through the links I have provided in this post. Cheers.

  11. Thank you for sharing this here. Honestly, I fancy all you have shared here and it seems to make the whole difference here. Honestly this is really great to see qmd I quite value everything you have shared so far. If I can, I will definitely try to master this too because it seems that it would give you a whole new idealogy about what life is and what it really entails. Thanks

    • Hi Nath, thank you for reading this article. Numerology presents a whole new different perspective of life for me and that is one of the reasons why I would like to help spread the word. The meaning of numbers is not just about measuring in quantity terms. It is also qualitative as you might realise here. How we are encircled by the numbers around us has an effect on our energies. 

  12. This was indeed a great article to read. Well detailed and easy to go through. Numerology is one of the easiest way to me for one to learn or analyse one’s positives and negatives or characteristics traits. First time I heard about the topic and already I am doing further research and unveiling my characteristics traits. I have to say it would not be easy for kids to go through the system as it seems complex. 

    • Hi Ezra, thanks for reading this article and good to know this is the first time you have read about this topic. There are still many people in the world who doesn’t know about this age-old topic even though it has been around us for a long time. Think Mathematics and Science. 

      But just like you, I think it is not easy for kids to comprehend such a system. They may not be ready yet when they are still studying the foundation of maths. Or, we can argue that teaching them Numerology at the same time brings about different liveliness or perspective towards teaching maths. 

  13. This is my first time hearing of numerology but I must admit that your article was illuminating enough that I found myself completely enraptured with reading it from the beginning to end thoroughly. Numerology sounds too detailed and systematic to be considered divination or fortune telling and I wonder if it has any scientific backing. 

    • Hi Beesean, thanks for reading this post, and glad that it helps you gain some insights into Numerology. 

      There are indeed challenges by skeptics about whether Numerology is considered a science that you can find online. 

      But regardless, my experience so far shows that they can be very accurate in analysing a person’s character and also able to relate life events to their numbers.  

      The Pythagorean Numerology method is by far the simplest method to comprehend, which is why it is also the more popular one around.

  14. Wow! I love this post and truly believe there is power in knowing oneself and others around you. I have always been intrigued with numerology and Chinese Zodiac. I loved that you posted links to your relevant post so that I could learn how to find my root number. I really like how relevant your content was to this subject and definitely want to explore all your other posts. I have gained a lot of inside from this specific posts on my own character. Thank you!


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