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What is Numerology Compatibility About?

Have you wondered whether you are compatible with your spouse and all you have is that gut feeling, and that’s all you have? Or even if you might be able to logically list out the pros and cons, you just can’t seem to settle down with that question, “is he/she the right one for me?”

What about compatibility among your team members in your office? Does the team stick together, support each other during good and tough times instead of infighting and scheming against one another? How does the combination of the characteristics of each team member contribute and affect the team dynamics and the team culture?

Or do you ponder whether is it safe to enter into a new business relationship with a potential business partner, thinking whether he can be trusted? Or even if he can be trusted, will there be conflicts or disagreements later on? Will it be a successful business venture?

So what is Numerology Compatibility about?

It is about providing some answers to the above questions. Through numerology compatibility calculations, it is able to provide you with insights and greater confidence towards what should be the potential in a relationship, be it in love, between colleagues, team dynamics or business ventures. It is an added tool to equip you with additional knowledge, to help you gain an advantage that you would probably have to rely on your gut feeling or hunches or vibes.

Does this sounds good?

How does Numerology Compatibility calculation works? The Secret Revealed!

How does Numerology Compatibility calculation works The Secret Revealed

So how does it work to calculate the compatibility of a couple through numerology?

The fundamental is still starting from the basic which you can have a look at my earlier article on Numerology Calculation – The Pythagorean Method. It shows you how to calculate your numerology numbers for yourself, and for anyone you are interested in for that matter.

If you have calculated the numerology numbers of yourself and your other half, you can then go one step further to merge them together.

Let’s do an example to have a better idea. Suppose we have the following 2 birth dates:

Husband: 19 September 1985
Wife: 22 November 1981

Their individual Pythagorean numerology calculation would work out like this:

Song Hye Kyo Character Numerology

From the above, you can see that the husband belongs to Character Root Number 6 (Wealthy) while the wife belongs to Character Root Number 7 (Popularity).

What happens when we merge their numbers together?

Below shows what happen and to do this, write down the husband and wife (or any couple) date of birth as illustrated.

Then, sum them up accordingly to get a total. Once you have that, use the numbers to perform the usual numerology calculation just like you would do for an individual.

Husband and Wife

And what we have got then is a combined Character Root Number 4 which is a Planner. From an individual Character Root Number definition perspective, the number has the positive characteristics of being intelligent, great planning skills and values beauty. And the negative characteristics are impatient, insecure and very much concerned with his own reputation.

From a numerology compatibility perspective, a combined Character Root Number 4 is defined as a couple who communicates freely and does not beat around the bush. They are well-organised, committed to keep on improving themselves, easy to cultivate sociable, professional and leisurely interests together.

In short, the potential of this relationship is good. However, looking at the combined Character Root Number alone, while being one of the key value, is not sufficient. We will need to look at the other numbers in the whole diagram which will reveal more insights, for better or worse.

For example, 7-6-4 in the middle of the triangle will arrive at number 8, which shows a hidden 8. And 8 represents responsibility and is usually stressful. It can mean that on the surface, the marriage looks good, but there are internal problems between the couple that can cause a strain in the relationship.

As we go along, I will explain more on how to interpret the diagram. But I should also re-iterate that other factors may also need to be considered and not just rely on the numbers as a conclusion. Other factors refers to things such as his or her family background, education background, name or feng shui etc.

Definition of each Character Root number in Numerology Compatibility Calculation

Numerology Compatibility Calculation

In this section, let’s take a brief look at what each of the combined Character Root Number says in the Numerology Compatibility calculation.

Combined Character Root Number 1

  • Independent relationship.
  • Do not rely on each other in money or networking matters.
  • Enjoys personal space and proceed with their own activities.
  • Is fine to lead their independent life.

Combined Character Root Number 2

  • Communication relationship.
  • Is concerned with the communication and exchanges between the parties.
  • Does not hide their feelings, will boldly express their own opinion.
  • Does not cover up or contain their emotions, hence the outcome may not be smooth at times when dealing with matters.

Combined Character Root Number 3

  • Rash and sensitive relationship.
  • Motivated to do things, but overly eager at times.
  • Easy to be angered, very sensitive and takes things to heart.

Combined Character Root Number 4

  • Direct and get to the point relationship.
  • Well organised and disciplined.
  • Likes to learn new things, hence easy to cultivate social, professional and leisurely interests together.

Combined Character Root Number 5

  • Twisted relationship.
  • Doubtful of the direction being taken.
  • Will encounter difficulties and setbacks.
  • Habitual worries that there are unpredictable obstacles in front.

Combined Character Root Number 6

  • Family centric relationship.
  • Good in planning especially with money matters.
  • Stable environment, slightly passive.

Combined Character Root Number 7

  • Happy relationship.
  • Have an active social lifestyle.
  • Have many friends and acquaintances.

Combined Character Root Number 8

  • Active relationship.
  • Frequently busy, but may not always have a purpose or direction.
  • Likes traveling to exotic places.

Combined Character Root Number 9

  • Business-oriented relationship.
  • Has entrepreneurial mindset, enjoys fame and fortune.
  • Combines power and talent.

Numerology Compatibility at Work

Numerology Compatibility at Work

In the earlier example above, I have illustrated how to perform numerology compatibility in a love relationship. And as mentioned earlier, we can also similarly apply numerology compatibility in a work setting to consider how well the numerology numbers of the team members’ gel together. Points of application can include:

  • New Hires – if you are a manager looking to hire a new employee, having this knowledge on numerology can give you an additional way to consider the intrinsic side of things that you may not be able to discover from an interview.
  • Team Dynamics – Suppose you have a team of 5 members, more or less, you can similarly work out the combination of all their birth dates to examine the numerology compatibility of the team. It may help to reveal what is the potential of the team as their numbers gel together, showing what are the possible positive and negative effects that can occur as the team collaborates. And from there, you can be more conscious of what might happen and manage accordingly any conflicts that may arise or further enhance the team’s strengths.
  • Business Venture – Where you may be getting into a new business initiative with a prospective business partner, you may also consider using numerology compatibility to provide some insights on how well your numbers pair together to gain an additional insight to see whether it is wise to do so or not. It improves your chance of success with the availability of more information for you to consider.

I hope this article has been informative for you to understand what is numerology compatibility about. Do leave a comment below if you have any thoughts.

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