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Numerology Number Meanings – Character Root Number 7

In continuation to explain each of the Character Root Numbers, in this article on numerology number meanings, let’s go through the number 7.

Just in case you chance upon this website for the first time, I would recommend you have a look at my earlier articles below to have a better appreciation. It should explain the Why and the How while this article is going through the What.

Overview of Character Root Number 7

Character Root Number 7

The Character Root Number 7 is defined as the Celebrity. Below shows an overview of its positive and negative traits:

Positive Characteristics

  • Sociable
  • Lucky
  • Gratitude
  • Good in analysis
  • Sense of justice
  • Ingenious

Negative Characteristics

  • Snobbish
  • Indecisive
  • Sluggish
  • Gloomy

Positive Traits of Character Root Number 7

Popular-Positive Traits of Character Root Number 7

The Character Root Number 7 has an attractive charm. She highly values relationships and is generally welcomed by people and is able to attract them to be her supporters. They will give her the necessary assistance to help her to be successful if she needed help.

She is also able to adapt quickly and integrate into any environment and immerse herself into the community. With her influential aura, she is able to attract the eyes or attention of others. She is guided by her strong principles, and is hence able to stand firm when expressing her position.

A self-starter herself, she is business savvy, responsive and able to learn or absorb quickly. As she has the chances to always meet new people, there are many good opportunities to be explored. She has good foresight and can find the best opportunities in various situations. A smart planner, she is able to make fine judgments and has the ability to competently complete or subdue any difficult task.

Certain Character Root Number 7 personalities may sometimes have a different twist of attracting people. Such people usually looks stylish and has a neat appearance. They prefer to work alone and is able to achieve ultimate success and wealth. These people are either public figures and if not, someone who is a cutting edge person, ahead of the times.

Negative Traits of Character Root Number 7

On the negative side of Character Root Number 7, she might be a person who is unable to focus. She can be careless, not attentive and can only do one thing at a time. When dealing with things, it seems a bit sloppy and slow in execution.

Her principles may also become her stumbling block as she can be quite stubborn to uphold them. She can be overly cautious and inflexible as a result.

Indecisive-Negative Traits of Character Root Number 7

As she engages in various activities, often she can become very active and busy as she may over promise others to do something. But she may end up shouldering too much burden and pressure and thus caught in stress and emotional tension.

Another tendency of a Character Root Number 7 is that she might desire the best quality for everything, often spend lots of money on dressing up and keeps up with the latest fashion.


If you are a Character Root Number 7

Your popularity with people is your greatest asset. As you are usually not a person who likes to fight alone and likes to work with others, you are very suitable in industries related to ‘people’ as they are naturally attracted by your charm.

Admire by people

If some negative traits mentioned above are something that you might be able to associate with, know that you have the positive sides that you can work on and leverage to improve your life.

If someone else is a Character Root Number 7

Because Character Root Number 7 people like to network with people and may be quite obliging to do things for you when you ask them, you may want to take a judgment call sometimes whether she is actually able to handle. Else, you might end up being disappointed that things you wanted are not delivered on time and might cause some unhappiness.

Else, it is good to have her around in your surrounding, be it a work team or friends, as she will help connect and bring people together. Of course, the attention will be on her.

Famous People

Elon Musk, Princess Diana, Russia President Vladimir Putin, Korea President Moon Jae In and ex-Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad are some famous public figures that belongs to Character Root Number 7.

Each of them are charismatic in their own way and popular to many people. How much do you know each of them? Do you think they fit a Character Root Number 7 from what you have learned so far? Leave your comments whether you agree or disagree!

What is also important is that there are other numbers than the Character Root that can draw more insights on the person. There can be exceptions to its accuracy no doubt, but when I looked at Princess Diana numbers for example, it is very accurate. For example, the 8-8-7 is a special number that indicates the person has a high likelihood of divorce and I think I don’t need to spell out the obvious between her and Prince Charles. Coincidentally, Vladimir Putin also has 8-8-7 and he also had a divorce (see Wikipedia). The exception however, is Mahathir Mohamad who also has the exact numbers but he is still married to his only wife, Siti Hasmah.

Below shows their numerology calculations.

Elon MuskMoon Jae In
Elon Musk Character NumerologyMoon Jae In Character Numerology
Princess DianaVladimir Putin
Princess Diana Character NumerologyVladimir Putin Character Numerology
Mahathir Mohamad
Mahathir Mohamad Character Numerology

There are always truths to the numbers we are seeing. To me, it is a tool I could use to help provide me with a faster and better perspective to understand people and to help me make certain decisions. It can give me some comfort in who I am interacting with, know how to engage them properly, or even give me some warning.

Inaccuracies could arise from life-changing events, family background, or educational background that may have steered their destiny away from their original life, for better or worse. One may also pair other forms of studies to infer even more accurate insights.

If you have any thoughts, do leave a comment on what you think or share the date of birth of someone you know who has this number and we can discuss if you will.

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