Numerology Number Meanings – Character Root Number 4

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This article will provide you the What and we are going to go through the numerology number meanings of people who belong to Character Root Number 4.

Overview of Character Root Number 4

Character Root Number 4

The Character Root Number 4 is defined as the Planner. Below shows an overview of its positive and negative traits:


Positive Characteristics

  • Intelligent
  • Great planning skills
  • Values beauty

Negative Characteristics

  • Impatient
  • Insecure
  • Very much concerned with his reputation (to save face)

Positive Traits of Character Root Number 4

Planning-Positive Traits of Character Root Number 4

The Character Root Number 4 represents planning and organisation. If you belong to this number, chances are you are a natural planner who has an analytical mind and attention to detail. You derive a sense of accomplishment through your hard work.

You are intelligent, have good observation and judgment in the things you do, and can convince people with your knowledge and beliefs. People trust your work or views and give you their support. You are perhaps seen as that midfielder who can cover all angles or exercise command and control. You have a bird’s eye view over what’s happening. Nothing could escape your eye.

And you are creative and values beauty. Your natural planning instincts compel you to reach perfection. Things that you do, involved in or in charge of should feel good, look good on top of being practically sound. This makes people appreciate you even more.

Negative Traits of Character Root Number 4

Being a natural planner, you might tend to over plan. Because you end up with so many things to consider, and so many things Overthink-Negative Traits of Character Root Number 4

to do, this can create stress on yourself with your perfectionist attitude. You might become impatient and flare up on others when things do not go in the orderly, detailed fashion that you wanted. This can thus strain your relationship with others.

As such, you might be seen as a pessimistic individual where you tend to overthink too much and brace yourself on the negatives. Being picky or calculative becomes part of the whole package of people’s perspective on you.

One of the intrinsic sides of Character Root Number 4 is that you tend to feel insecure. Your effort to be that perfectionist in whatever you do is really to help yourself feel and find your worth and strive to become more secure in your surrounding. And the last thing you don’t want is to have that sense of losing your reputation.


If you are a Character Root Number 4

You are most suitable for thinking work and things that are structured. In that sense, you can be quite a rigid person although it really depends on many other factors or things that you experienced throughout your life. But the basic nature of Character Root Number 4 is in such a manner.

Sometimes, you have to learn to let go of some of those details and perfection so that you don’t overly stress yourself and even cause your health to deteriorate. It is a judgment call on when to activate your natural characteristics and when not to.

And that is obviously your strengths, where you can see things much sharply and well-rounded than any others. Play towards those strengths but remind yourself to do it in moderation.

If someone else is a Character Root Number 4

If you are not a Character Root Number 4 but someone else in your team is, then you got yourself a wonderful member. Someone’s gonna do the dirty work for you, just kidding… or probably not. As you know by now, the fact is, he will be there to meticulously scrutinise every single tiny detail. He is not likely going to let you off if you forget to do something that goes against his innate nature. Isn’t this wonderful?

So the thing you need to take note of is to do your best to give him the details he wants and try to execute things the way he wants it, and he will be happy.

And lastly, if possible, try to reduce his tension by injecting some humour if you can, or if it makes sense to do so.

Famous People

Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s Founding Father, belongs to Character Root Number 4. He was a lawyer by profession when he first started out and gradually form his political party which eventually won the election and became the government since 1959.

Mr. Lee has always shown to rule with an iron fist, always in control of everything in Singapore. He has been meticulous in planning out the whole country’s development. Examples of how he influenced his thinking on his colleagues and people include:

  • How he ensured Changi Airport becomes one of the best Airports in the world, as being a city-state, the airport is the gateway and reputation of Singapore
  • How he ensured a good racial mix where there are percentages as to how many ethnic Chinese, Malays, Indians, and others can live in an HDB (Housing Development Board) flats. This is as compared to not controlling and Singapore might end up having distinct districts for different races and hence might result in racial disharmony.
  • How we ensured Singapore earned the name of a garden city. While he developed Singapore quickly, he also ensured it grows beautifully. If you are in Singapore, you will find that along the roads there are many trees grown on the side and EVEN in the middle of the dividing roads! I don’t think many countries do that. And with great foresight, it helps to reduce pollution.

To be honest, I would not have thought that Mr. Lee is a Character Root Number 4 earlier before I did his calculation. I thought he would be a Number 1 (Leader) but that was quite a layman thinking, as you can see, Barack Obama is a Character Root Number 2.

But he certainly displays the characteristics of a Number 4. It takes a very detailed person who has everything well-thought-out and executes the way he wants it. The other thing about Lee Kuan Yew is that he welcomes feedback or alternative ideas if it really makes sense to him. Unless you have hard facts that can prove better than his thinking, he will not accept it.

If you do not know him well, below are some YouTube videos about him:

The below diagram shows his numerology calculation.

Lee Kuan Yew Character Numerology

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