Numerology Number Meanings – Discovering the Secrets of Character Root Number 8

The number 8 is quite a special number. If you rotate it 90 degrees, it looks like an infinity symbol. In the Chinese language speaking parts of the world, pronouncing the word 8 sounds like wealth. Infinity wealth?

No.. at least there are people who hopes so. In numerology, it is different.

So, what can we discover here to know what kind of a person is a Character Root Number 8? In this article series on numerology number meanings, I would like to share with you the characteristics of the number 8 from what I have learned.

Shall we begin?

Overview of Character Root Number 8

Character Root Number 8

Character Root Number 8 individuals are defined as the Guardian. The positive and negative characteristics can be summarised below.

Positive Characteristics

  • Energetic
  • Responsible
  • Likes Challenges
  • Active and Courageous

Negative Characteristics

  • Stressful
  • Anxious
  • Strong desire to be in control
  • Disorganised when doing things
  • Vain

Positive Traits of Character Root Number 8


Character Root Number 8 represents responsibility. You can count on people with this number to ensure that things are going to be taken care of.

They are usually the ones who will raise their hands and take the initiative to take on the most stressful pieces of work, as they are confident that they can handle all kinds of situations.

Being very careful and having perseverance with their work or the things they are asked to do is also one of their characteristics. We can probably feel at ease leaving them to work on their own and deliver results. Some may also display leadership potential though it is more of behind the scene style.

A person with this number will likely meet many new friends and benefactors.

Character Root Number 8 personality may usually portray a stressful and serious look in appearance but will show personal charm when the need arises to do a presentation.

Negative Traits of Character Root Number 8

Maybe not so much of a positive or negative trait, but as a matter of fact, because of their responsible nature, they are often very busy and is basically a workaholic.


That workaholic and/or responsible nature can have many side effects. Such personality can mean that he or she may be easily irritated or impatient when things does not go the way they wanted. This behaviour may then further attract malicious comments behind him or her.

They can be quite stubborn and refuse to admit to his or her mistakes. This is simply because they know they have put in alot of effort into their work so they do not like to be challenged as they should know it best what is right or wrong.

And when they are being challenged, having a sensitive personality with a strong self-esteem, they may often take other people’s criticism negatively. Their emotions will start to take over as they are easily disturbed. He or she may feel not appreciated for the hard work being done.

When the emotions start to run, he or she may start to lose focus, feels insecure, unable to concentrate and confused as doubts on his or her capabilities will start to set in. So even when they persevere, they might no longer get the desired results he or she wanted or may even start to make mistakes due to the excessive stress.

It feels like a vicious cycle.

While there are many opportunities to meet new friends and benefactors, these people are also the ones that will put pressure on Character Root Number 8 personalities. Because he or she has shown to be a very responsible person, there is a tendency to attract people who will rely on him or her alot. He or she will feel lonely and helpless and becomes a heavy burden in the end.

Character Root Number 8 personalities mostly live a life of ups and downs in their career, emotions, family, social life, dreams and interests.


If you are a Character Root Number 8

You are a naturally responsible person and is often willing to take up the most difficult tasks. Asking you not to do that is like asking bees not to take honey. Since you now know more about yourself, or you already know yourself all along and what you read above is just a refresher or reminder, you have to keep reminding yourself at which point of your vicious cycle can you defuse that tension.

Know that you are trustworthy as people look up to you but perhaps overly so, as they start to rely on you more and more, knowing your capabilities. This gives you unnecessary stress and it is likely your own doing.

Advice to you like learn to let go, learn to relax probably does not work a hoot as you can be quite resistant to change. The only way out is you have to be willing to walk out of your own numbers.

The way out

Keep that responsible attitude, keep that perseverance and keep that leadership thinking. And not to forget, the willingness to look for and take up challenges. These are your selling points that attracts people and give you the thumbs up.

People who are able to shake away their negative traits in Character Root Number 8 may then no longer look obvious as a number 8.

If someone else is a Character Root Number 8

What can you do to help someone who is a Character Root Number 8, or at least not cause conflicts?

The best thing you can do for them is not to have over reliance on them as this can cause them pressure. Task delegate activities be it as family members or friends or colleagues. They will feel involved and happy about it that everyone is doing their part.

You might find that stressful and serious look irritating at times, but if you can try to look at it another way, that they are just trying to do their best and not to disappoint!

Famous People

As I was researching for famous people that have Character Root Number 8, the findings that I have got are somewhat hard to relate. For one, I tried going through the world leaders that I know, and none of them has this number. I think that seems normal, because you wouldn’t want a stressed up person to be your president or prime minister or CEO right?

So I tried infamous people and lastly, celebrities. My finds are:

  • Infamous people: Osama Bin Laden
  • Celebrities: Richard Gere, Cindy Crawford and a whole series of others.

I might be able to relate Osama Bin Laden to being a Character Root Number 8 but then again, I never know him personally (obviously..).

But Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford, a Character Root Number 8, were not so obvious. Other than watching them in movies, I don’t really know them well or read up about their lives so all I can say is that they have this number and that is or was, their base characteristics.

Below shows the numerology calculation for the 3 of them above.

Richard GereOsama Bin Laden
Richard Gere Character NumerologyOsama Bin Laden Character Numerology
Cindy Crawford
Cindy Crawford Character Numerology

What do you think? Do you think the above is accurate? Do you have anyone you know who is a Character Root Number 8 and they display such characteristics?

Do leave a comment on what you think or share the date of birth of someone you know who has this number and we can discuss if you will.

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