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I Ching Energy Number Meanings

In this article, you will learn about the I Ching Energy number meanings and is a continuation of my earlier post, I Ching Energy Numerology.

I would recommend you read the previous post first before continuing with the rest of this article if you are unfamiliar with this numerology method.

By the end of going through this article, you will learn how to identify the auspicious and inauspicious energy vibration numbers and their respective meaning.

These numbers have an effect on influencing our thoughts, words, or actions. In order words, it shapes our character.

Understanding the meaning of the auspicious and inauspicious numbers will help us make necessary remedies to correct our energy vibration. And I will also guide you in this article on how you may go about evaluating your numbers.

The Law of Vibration essentially states that everything in the universe, tangible or intangible, is in constant motion. It includes our body and our thoughts. We are all made up of energy vibrating at a specific frequency.

As such, when we vibrate at the right frequency of our choice, we will have better success attracting what we want.

And to do that, we need to understand the energy vibrations internally within ourselves and the external influences surrounding us.

Using numerology, we can decipher and understand the positive and negative energy vibrations that are affecting us.

Auspicious Energy Vibrations

Let us now go through the meaning of each auspicious energy vibration in the I Ching Energy Numerology context.

And these are Life Generating, Heavenly Doctor, Longevity, and Stability.

I Ching Energy Number Meanings – Life Generating

The numbers representing Life Generating (生气, Sheng Qi) are 14, 41, 39, and 93 for the east group and 28, 82, 67, and 76 for the west group.

If you have these numbers, it represents having good relationships. It will help you to attract noblemen to support you and provide opportunities.

People with this energy field are more easy-going, innocent, cheerful, straightforward, kind-hearted, or enthusiastic in their approach.

I Ching Energy Number Meanings - Cheerful Smiles

These personality traits can have unexpected tangible or intangible benefits from their networks.

But because of their flexible nature, they are more prone to be deceived and are not as ambitious in their career.

I Ching Energy Number Meanings – Heavenly Doctor

The numbers representing Heavenly Doctor (天医, Tian Yi) are 13, 31, 49, and 94 for the east group and 27, 72, 68, and 86 for the west group.

It represents the ability to create infinite possibilities and is seen as a symbol for attracting wealth.

I Ching Energy Number Meanings - Attract Wealth

People with this energy vibration have the characteristics of virtue, selflessness, caring, and the desire to seek purity of the mind.

But the energy vibration can cause a person to be soft-hearted and listen to others easily, resulting in a minor loss of fortune.

I Ching Energy Number Meanings – Longevity

The numbers representing Longevity (延年, Yan Nian) are 19, 91, 34, and 43 for the east group and 26, 62, 78, and 87 for the west group.

It represents having authority or power. People with this energy vibration can withstand pressure and have the willpower to lead others and themselves.

I Ching Energy Number Meanings - Energy vibration between hands

They are highly independent, ambitious, and righteous. They are also careful with resource usage.

Too much of this energy vibration can cause one to be chauvinistic, not easy to communicate, dominant, and less gentle.

I Ching Energy Number Meanings – Stability

The numbers representing Stability (伏位, Fu Wei) are 11, 33, 44, and 99 for the east group and 22, 66, 77, and 88 for the west group.

The energy vibration of these numbers symbolises waiting. It is about having patience and maintaining consistency.

I Ching Energy Number Meanings - Stable rocks

People who have more of such number vibrations are loyal, pleasant to talk to, and are also more family-oriented.

The negative side of this energy vibration is that it can cause a person to yield easily to pressure and become influenced by other energy vibrations.

When a Stability number is being influenced by another auspicious energy vibration, it will extend the positive energy from that auspicious energy vibration.

But if it is influenced by an inauspicious energy vibration, the negative effects get magnified or extended.

Inauspicious Energy Vibrations

We will now discuss the inauspicious energy vibrations. And these are Six Killings, Life Threatening, Mishaps, and Five Ghost.

The mildest is the Six Killings, and the most severe is the Five Ghost.

I Ching Energy Number Meanings – Six Killings

The numbers that represent Six Killings (六煞, Liu Sha) are 16, 61, 29, 92, 38, 83, 47, and 74.

The Six Killings energy vibration will influence our relationship with people.

People who are weighted heavily on this energy vibration may look more attractive. They love beautiful things and can be more romantic, passionate, and well-liked by elders.

I Ching Energy Number Meanings - Attractive woman

Especially for women, they will develop excellent interpersonal relations and diplomatic skills.

But it is because of these attributes whereby if they express themselves too much, it invites jealousy and undesirable consequences.

It generally points towards rotten peach blossom, which can either be entanglement in bad romances or involved in extramarital affairs.

I Ching Energy Number Meanings – Life Threatening

The numbers that represent Life Threatening (绝命, Jue Ming) are 12, 21, 37, 73, 48, 84, 69, and 96.

The Life Threatening energy vibration has the effect of creating massive ups and downs in our lives.

I Ching Energy Number Meanings - Roller coaster

People who are dominant in this energy vibration tend to treat any decision seriously. They will portray a determined manner of handling things.

As such, they are generally hardworking, loyal, trustworthy, and creative in coming up with new ideas. They are also more willing to start from scratch and take calculated risks.

The behavioural attitudes influenced by the Life Threatening energy vibration are such that one may keep trying, which is a virtue per se and helps one to take action and work towards achieving success.

But it increases the probability of accidents or running into lawsuits, and it can cause a person to be temperamental, anti-social, or have subjective viewpoints.

I Ching Energy Number Meanings – Mishap

The numbers representing Mishap (祸害, Huo Hai) are 17, 71, 23, 32, 46, 96, 89, and 98.

The Mishap energy vibration affects our manner of speech. It helps people having such energy vibration to have the ability to inspire or persuade others.

I Ching Energy Number Meanings - Man giving speech

In other words, it enhances our eloquence and enables us to be good at articulating our thoughts and convincing others.

But it is also an energy vibration that tends to create controversy during conversations, impulsiveness, scheming, and exaggeration. As such, it can potentially cause harm to ourselves or others due to an incorrect choice of words.

I Ching Energy Number Meanings – Five Ghost

The numbers that represent the Five Ghost (五鬼, Wu Gui) energy vibration are 18, 81, 24, 42, 36, 63, 79, and 97.

The Five Ghost energy vibration has the effect of creating turmoil in our lives and is considered the most unstable energy vibration among all the inauspicious energy vibrations.

Nevertheless, people having such energy vibrations are generally considered talented, brilliant, or even geniuses. They are relatively quirky and have the ability to come up with unique ideas to solve problems.

I Ching Energy Number Meanings - Brilliant idea

But they may tend to develop extreme views and skew to the wrong path. The energy vibration may cause drastic changes in one’s destiny, such as initiating either separation or divorce or easy to become a third party in a relationship.

It can also cause the person to experience accidents or disasters more easily.

How to evaluate your vibrational frequency using the I Ching Energy Numbers

Now that you know the meaning of each I Ching energy vibration, you can start to examine the numbers that surround you. You can always refer to this article for your reference whenever you need it.

The primary set of numbers you should first look at includes examining your identity number (e.g., NRIC, Social Security Number, or Aadhaar Number), mobile number, vehicle number, and house number.

You may also consider paying attention to the numbers in your staff pass or employee ID, email account, password, ATM pin, social media account username, etc.

The first thing you should do is to identify whether you have any inauspicious energy vibration numbers, which you can refer to above.

If you do, the easiest way is to consider changing them to the auspicious I Ching energy numbers if you are able to do so. You can’t change your identity number, for instance.

Think about whether you want to increase your energy vibrations in the areas of wealth, relationship, authority, or stability.

Strike a balance if you can by examining the auspicious energy vibration numbers that you already possess. It is not recommended to be heavily weighted on a particular energy vibration if you are tempted to (e.g., wealth numbers), as it may also bring out the negative effects more visibly.

And I would also like to touch on the Five Ghost numbers (18, 81, 24, 42, 36, 63, 79, 97). If you have the Five Ghost numbers, you have to be particularly mindful. You may be a very talented person, but it is also quite likely that you find yourself in a state where you are unable to break through.

It is not exactly all negative when you consider the positive aspect of having a Five Ghost number, but you got to find a counteracting number that can hold the Five Ghost number in check.

Nevertheless, it is a number that may cause you to be accident-prone, especially on your vehicle number. You can refer to my earlier post for examples. I keep seeing new examples over and over again to know that this is 99% true. It is an energy vibration best not to have.

Final Thoughts And If You Need Help

In this article, we have gone through the meaning of the I Ching Energy auspicious and inauspicious numbers. And we have also discussed how you can evaluate the numbers surrounding you.

If you need help analysing your numbers using this numerology method, do not hesitate to reach out to me via the comment below or the chat widget on the bottom right of the screen.

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