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About Character Numerology

Hello, I am Richard, author of this platform, and I welcome you to Character Numerology!


What if you can determine a person’s character in a matter of minutes, and you don’t even need to meet them in person to know?

What if you have the means to observe life-changing events for yourself or others? Could you then be prepared and make a conscious effort to change it or embrace it?

Or how about having greater clarity in understanding yourself from a refreshingly different perspective and steer yourself to a path of success?

Do any of these seem valuable to you?

My Journey

And Numerology can be the answer to the above.

Having studied Numerology, I have grown to be more self-aware about the numbers that surround me.

The nature of Numerology is that numbers have vibrational energies, and they have an effect on us.

It affects our mind, shapes our beliefs, and will hence influence our behavior.

As I embark on a journey in Numerology, numbers no longer look the same to me as before.

It is no longer just numbers as a means to measure or record something.

I start to see and feel how the numbers that I’m surrounded by can influence my well-being.

As I practiced and validated my knowledge of Numerology further, my beliefs and passion for this profound knowledge have grown stronger and stronger.

Discovering Yourself Through Numerology

The many case studies that I have done have proven to me that Numerology is indeed capable of understanding a person’s character and foretelling a person’s major life events.

For example, the Numerology chart of Princess Diana was able to tell that she has a high probability of going through a divorce.

And the Numerology chart of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew reveals that he is born to do great things.

What can you discover from your Numerology chart? I believe that more people should know about this, its benefits to help you find your success.

By knowing ourselves better (through maths!), we can better explain why we behave in the way we are. And this gives us an additional data input of self-realization and seeks ways to improve ourselves.

By knowing others better through Numerology, we can become more compassionate and appreciative towards others as we now know the vibrational positive or negative energies that they carried with them have molded them to be the way they are.

About Character Numerology_World

I believe that the more people know Numerology, the world can become a better place.

Start Your Numerology Journey Today

And all these are what got me started with this platform, where I would like to be an advocate and help to spread this knowledge wider by sharing with you what I have learned.

Our life can be better off by learning Numerology.

And it is also fun to learn.

Do join me on this journey together, where I will put together useful content for you to learn along the way.

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