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Special Numbers in Numerology – Wealth Pattern

There are many special numbers in numerology that will help to reveal specific life events, destinies, or specific personality traits. And specifically, in this post, we will be looking at the wealth pattern.

Now and then, you might find a towering figure that will stand out, having the charisma, talent, leadership, or a big brother feel, out there doing great things.

He is one of those that has a success story of going through hardships and emerge victorious in the end, and he might be someone you admire and idolises.

As the saying goes, no pain, no gain. But if you enjoy what you do, and have the passion for it, then the journey, no matter how tough it may be, sooner or later, you will achieve success in your own measurable way.

Having a passion for what you do means you never really need to work a day in your life. You are likely enjoying every minute of it and contributing to a greater cause.

Live Your Dream_1

And along with that, the success you achieve will bring wealth almost naturally.

By the way, wealth may not always be just about getting rich. Wealth can also be about health and happiness, do you think so?

Everyone can do the above if we can find out our why and live out the cause. It is just that some people seem able to do it better as they are born with it.

And this is where we can identify it by looking at a person’s numerology chart. As mentioned, the wealth pattern in numerology is what we will look at in this post.

Wealth Pattern – The 1-2-3 Combination below the Character Root Number

The wealth pattern, in this case, is denoted by observing a 1-2-3 combination that appears just below the Character Root Number. An example is shown below.

Example-Wealth Pattern_1-2-3

As shown in the bottom part of the numerology calculation above, people who are born with a 1-2-3 combination will have a lot of wealth luck and should earn lots of money between ages 41 to 49.

If we dig deeper into the chart above, the person has a Character Root Number 4 which means that he is intelligent and has great planning skills.

The 7-6-4 combination shows that he has a sharp observation of things around him. He is smart, a quick learner, self-disciplined, and a pragmatic individual.

And he has this aura that people tend to trust what he thinks and says, and thus gains their support and followings.

He is a capitalist, has the foresight, and prudently invests his wealth or resources to achieve even more.

Famous People with the Wealth Pattern

In researching for famous people with this wealth pattern 1-2-3, I have found 3 persons with this pattern. These people are Lee Kuan Yew, Richard Branson, and Tan Min Liang.

Lee Kuan Yew

Lee Kuan Yew (1923 – 2015) was the founding father of modern Singapore. He led Singapore and build the nation quickly, turning it from a third world to a first world country in around 50 years.

He formed the People’s Action Party (PAP) on 12 November 1954. His success grew where he won the support of the people. Eventually, he became the Prime Minister of the self-government administration from the British colonial rule in 1959 at the age of 36.

There was a brief history where Singapore was merged with Malaysia in 1963 but that did not work out due to differences in ideals and was eventually separated in 1965.

Singapore was on its own from then, and Lee Kuan Yew was 42 years of age at that time. He pressed on to build the young nation, from addressing various matters such as the economy, strengthening military defense, population policies, anti-corruption, etc.

He ruled with passion and ensuring the livelihood of Singaporeans were taken care of. It felt like he was serving his destiny.

Through his leadership, Singapore grew quickly to become a wealthy country.

The below diagram shows his numerology calculation.  

Lee Kuan Yew Character Numerology

Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson was born on 18 July 1950. From young, he has wanted to be an entrepreneur. He founded Virgin Records at the age of 22 in 1972. And in 1984, he ventured into the travel industry and formed Virgin Atlantic Airways. Thereafter, he has also gone into multiple industries to date.

At a young age in his twenties, he was already a millionaire where his net worth was estimated at £5 million by 1979. And by 2006, his net worth was above £3 billion.

He was knighted in March 2000 in the Buckingham Palace for his “services to entrepreneurship”.

Sir Richard Branson has been living his life to the fullest. The companies he has formed or invested in all seem to be circling his passion or interest. It felt like he has been having fun, including his world record attempts like crossing the Atlantic or Pacific oceans.

The below diagram shows his numerology calculation.  

Richard Branson Character Numerology

Tan Min Liang

Tan Min Liang was born on 5 November 1977. He is a Singaporean entrepreneur and is best known as the co-founder, CEO, and creative director of a gaming hardware company, Razer Inc and he is also the CEO of THX.

He co-founded Razer Inc in 2005 at the age of 28. And on 13 November 2017, Razer Inc goes IPO and he became the youngest self-made Singaporean billionaire at the age of 40.

Being in the gaming industry, Tan Min Liang has a cult-like following worldwide. Some fans even tattooed his name or face on themselves!

The below diagram shows his numerology calculation.

Tan Min Liang Character Numerology

Birth Dates with 1-2-3

I hope the above examples can give you a flavour on this wealth pattern. Just to recap, people with this 1-2-3 combination below the Character Root Number are likely to be successful in what they do and thus gain wealth naturally.

The below tables will further provide you an insight into what are the birth dates that will arrive at this combination. There are 3 sets that I could find and hope this is easy for you to refer to in the future. Note that the Character Root Number is different in each set.

Birth Year: 1923, 1932, 1941, 1950, 1959, 1968, 1977, 1986, 1995, 2004

1-2-3 Combination - Character Root Number 4

Birth Year: 1920, 1929, 1938, 1947, 1956, 1965, 1974, 1983, 1992, 2001

1-2-3 Combination - Character Root Number 7

Birth Year: 1926, 1935, 1944, 1953, 1962, 1971, 1980, 1989, 1998, 2007

1-2-3 Combination - Character Root Number 1

Do you fall into any of these birth dates or do you know anyone who has these birth dates? I will be keen to know and do leave a comment if you do.

Final Thoughts

I hope you find this article insightful where we have gone through this special number in numerology.

It will be interesting to discover more examples of people with the 1-2-3 wealth pattern, so it will be helpful if you know of anyone who has this number combination and let me know.

And if you would like to keep in touch to learn more about numerology from me or be updated whenever I release new content, you can find out from either one or all of the channels below.

Do leave a comment below if you have any questions about this wealth pattern. And if you have learned something meaningful from this article, do let your friends or family know as well for their benefit.

20 thoughts on “Special Numbers in Numerology – Wealth Pattern”

    • Hi Min,

      Nice to meet you. Good to know that you are an entrepreneur. It implies having unlimited revenue upside potential.

      Having the 1-2-3 wealth pattern also implies that you have the probability or potential to do extraordinary things in life which gives you that wealth. Your numerology chart shows that potential but it is also necessary to observe your other number vibrations that you have inherited or acquired too.

      If you are keen, I would like to invite you to connect with me. You can click on the chat widget or message me via FB or IG.

      Thank you for reaching out!

  1. interesting article. Coincidentally, my younger brother fall into one of the birth dates which is on 14th February 1995. However it might be a slightly more special case for my younger brother. He was born deaf and mute, being constantly treated as a handicapped by society since young age somewhat cause him to be more conserve and he was reluctant to communicate with the outside world. He has been showing some improvement for the past one year and hopefully he can finally shine and achieve his dreams when he reaches age 41-49 🙂

    • Hi Evonne,
      If it helps, I would like to refer you to pages 22-27 of the book, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. The page number may be an approximate, depending on which version/publication of the book you may be reading from. But it is on the chapter on Desire. The author’s son was born deaf and mute, and in there, he described how he found a way to plant an idea in his mind the desire to hear and talk, and live as a normal person. In case this book is new to you, it may help you and your family spark some inspiration.

  2. Hun I came up with 7,6,4 (root # 4) dob 11,18,1982. No clue what that means anyway just thought I’d share. Any insight as to if this is calculated correctly or what it means is appreciated it.

  3. If I add my birth and month together with this year 2022. I’m getting 1,2,3.. as wealth number. May I know when this will work after October or November? How it will work. Or does it have different meanings

    • Hi Rekha,
      The presence of wealth number 1-2-3 will need to be based on your date of birth. Adding your birth day and month with the current year, 2022, is not representative of your destiny. But I would be interested to hear from you whether you have experienced anything phenomenal for yourself this year?

  4. Is 2-1-3 combination below triangle also a wealth pattern or no? And for instance, those born on year 2001, 2010, 2019, so on have 2-1-3 combination on right side in triangle so will they possessed wealth pattern? Enlightening article, keep it up!!

    • Hi Ong,

      Thank you for dropping by!

      The 2-1-3 combination has a different meaning and is not the wealth pattern. People with the 2-1-3 number pattern need to be mindful to control their temper.

      • Hi Richard,

        How do you find what the numbers mean? What’s the source of the meanings? I know individual number meanings, but how does the order completely change the meaning? 1-2-3 and 2-1-3 both carry 6 energy. Six energy can be enormously talented in business and finance. There isn’t a difference between a life path 43/7 and 34/7, so why would there be a difference here?

        I’m a life path 34/7, so I don’t look for simple hand waving. If an explanation is not practical, it has no use.

        • Hi Bobby,

          There are many numerology methods around the world. And different methodologies have its own way to interpret the meaning of the numbers. While no one method can ever be said to be 100% accurate, the more important consideration is whether an individual is able to resonate with a particular method or methods.

          The number 6 vibrational energy can indeed relate to being talented in business and finance. But Steve Job is a number 1, Jack Ma is a number 3, Richard Branson is a number 4. They are all talented in business, while the finance part, it depends which area we are referring to. Nevertheless, in Steve and Richard’s numerology chart, there is also a 6 somewhere. But Jack Ma does not, at least not in the inner chart.

          For the difference between 1-2-3 and 2-1-3, the number 1 is a leader while the number 2 is a communicator. The sequence can matter, and in this example, when we say 1-2, it means leading and then communicating. Lead by example. And number 1 is of the metal element, while the number 2 is of the water element. It means metal producing water, hence an act of giving. It therefore highlights the notion that an individual with a 1-2-3 vibrational energy will have to give first before receiving. And by the studies of various people, we can spot a pattern where people having the 1-2-3, especially in the bottom section of the chart, are possibly born with a destiny to achieve great things. And when we look at 2-3, 3 is a fire element. Water controls fire. It explains that the person has the ability to have control over matters. So overall, the 1-2-3 has a good vibrational energy flow.

          Now for the 2-1-3, it is communicator first, leader second. It suggests that an individual has the characteristic to talk first in order to assume command. It can hence imply talking with an authoritative tone and giving orders. The number 2, again, is water and the number 1 is metal element. It is a direction of water exhausting metal. Hence, it means receiving first. And 1-3 means metal injuring fire, an obstacle.

  5. Hi Richard, it’s enlightening – thanks for the detailed explanation. I have 1-2-3 but below the line and not 1 & 2 above the line and 3 below the line. Does it matter?

    • Hi KX,

      Thanks for dropping by.

      For 1-2-3 all below the line, are you looking at a different method of numerology? Generally, there will only be 1 number below the line.

  6. Wow! I didn’t know that numerology has so many rules and so much maths. In fact, pardon my saying, I thought it was all conjecture and con. I have definitely been educated a lot. 

    Thank u for this article. It opens up a whole new world for me. There is so much knowledge out there, for those who want to learn. 

    Regards, and best wishes for your further writings. 



  7. Hi there, This is an interesting article. I had to think about my birthdate and the numbers once I figured it out I think I am a 4. This is something new to me I have never heard of numerology before. Thank you for enlightening me to this new concept to me. I will be studying this further to see what other knowledge I can gain.

  8. Numerology always fascinates me, the same goes for horoscope. I personally do believe in the numerology, I even get picky about my phone number and the apartment number that I move into. Thank you for sharing all these numbers on all these famous people. Hopefully I can apply these numbers to myself and be as successful as them. 

    • Hi Nuttanee, great to know that you are fascinated with Numerology. Interesting to know that you are picky with your phone number and the apartment number that you move into. What method do you use to choose your numbers? 


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