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How Accurate is Numerology?

How accurate is Numerology? I was feeling somewhat skeptical when I first heard about Numerology. I tend to relate it to things like zodiac signs or horoscope which gives you a general indication of how people born within those periods may have a good day, or month, or how the whole year might look like.

These are things that I would refer to for some general guidance. I believe these are still a good guide but I didn’t delve into how they are being derived. And they are at best, just references.

But as I chanced upon Numerology, it opens up my mind. It felt like I am being shown a secret like no other. For the fun of it, I felt like I can become a fortune-teller myself, or at least I am more equipped now with another tool to be in better control of my life.

A better sense of direction in search of my purpose in life.


And the Numerology calculation is fairly simple, nothing too complicated. It is then the interpretation of the numbers that would take more practise to draw meaning or insights out of your numbers, or someone else that you are helping to calculate.

When I first came to know my numbers and have it interpreted, that really convinced me how freakishly accurate Numerology can be to reveal my character or someone else. It can also reveal to a certain extent how our phases in life may look like and knowing that may help brace ourselves on what to expect in different phases of our life.

As I research more and more on others, I am even more convinced. You can follow some of the posts that I have written earlier below.

It may be that fate cannot be changed but the ability to know abit more in advance will help to get you more prepared in what to expect. Do you think that is good?

But nevertheless, nothing is perfect in this world.

The Limitations and Dilemma of Numerology

Numerology calculation reveals the energies that come with you from birth. There are then other factors that may influence your development as you move on in your life. These movements in your life may hide the original energies that define you and may, therefore, make Numerology looks inaccurate.

And then there is this dilemma. Wouldn’t it means that people who are born on the same date of birth will have the same characteristics? What about twins?

Let’s take a look at some of these factors. You might be able to guess or relate to some of them.

Influence from Family background

Assume we have the same birth dates, but our upbringing may result in differences in our character since we are brought up differently. Even for twins, the parents may treat them somewhat differently.

Alas, everyone’s individual experiences are unique.

Influence from Education background

And correlated to family background would be the education you received (or not). Which school you go to, whether or not you drop out of school or did very well in school, and who you mix with can shape your thinking and mold your character differently.

Your Name

The name given to you by your parents has its own energy and in fact, in Numerology, the name is also used in the calculation.

For example, in Western Numerology, it calculates the Destiny Number and Soul Urge Number using the alphabets in the name.

And for the Chinese, the number of strokes in the characters of the Chinese name also has a meaning in relation to the 5 elements of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. There is an intricate calculation to see whether the interaction within the name is in harmony or not. Some would go to the extent to change the Chinese characters in their name to improve their lives.

The Five Elements

Doing Good Deeds

Karma is defined as the extent of a person’s good and bad actions in his current and previous life, viewed as deciding their fate in their future life.

If you believe in Karma, then the deeds you have done in your previous life will affect your current existence. So even though you may have the same birth date as someone else, your life will be different. Some may be luckier than the other, even if they may have similar characteristics as reveal in the Numerology calculation.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is another aspect that may change a person’s life. From the direction your house is facing, how your interior is decorated, to the ornaments that you carry or even your ancestral graves, they all play a part in influencing the energies that you carry.

That is if you believe.

For many, it is about living in a harmonious or balanced environment. When one lives or is surrounded by such an environment, the thoughts and actions that one takes will naturally be better. Makes sense?


Be it Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, or any other religion, the overarching intent is always to guide us to be good.

Through one’s interaction of the teachings, and depending on how deep you go, it can have a profound effect on your own character development.

This naturally helps to bring out the positive characteristics of the numbers that you inherited from birth. Each Character Root Number (or Life Path Number) has a positive and negative side of things.

National Identification Number

For most countries, generally, a citizen will be issued some form of a national identification number from birth. This is usually a string of numbers or alphanumeric and is unique to each individual obviously.

Because it is also inherited from birth, the energies from those numbers and alphabets will also shape your life.

Improving the Accuracy of Numerology


How can we further improve the accuracy of Numerology to gain a better understanding of a person’s character? There are many factors that may obscure the accuracy of the Numerology calculation as seen above.

One way would be to pair different Numerology methodologies together to confirm the findings. An example would be to pair the Pythagoras / Western Numerology with the I Ching Numerology.

While the Pythagoras Numerology looks at a person’s date of birth and birth name, a way in I Ching Numerology is that it studies numbers that a person inherits from birth which is basically your national identification number. It then also studies the numbers that you acquire throughout your life such as your mobile phone number and your vehicle number plate.

The combined view provides a powerful insight into a person’s character and what he might be going through in his phases of life.

Practising is believing. There is truth to be seen in Numerology.

I hope you find this article useful and if you have any questions about Numerology or want to leave your own views or experiences, do leave a comment below.

And if you find this useful to anyone, do share in the links below and spread the word.

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