Forecasting with Personal Year Cycle

What does forecasting with personal year cycle mean? Have you ever wondered how your life will be in this year or the next? Year on year, we always wish that we have a good year ahead. And we may refer to all sorts of readings from different sources.

I would often watch the Lunar New Year program on television where a renowned Feng Shui master will go through the readings for each Chinese Zodiac giving an indication of how health, love, and work will be like for my zodiac sign. And also, what colours are considered lucky and unlucky. Sounds familiar to you or somewhat similar in your part of the world?

How does being able to do this by yourself sound to you? What if you can get a heads up for the next 9 years? This can be done by forecasting with the Personal Year Cycle method in Numerology.

Do you like to know more?

What is a Personal Year Cycle?

A Personal Year Cycle is a cycle comprising of 9 years and will then repeat itself. Just like you have a Character Root Number to give you an indication of your core characteristic, you can calculate your Personal Year Number to give you an indication of your path in each of the 9 years.

It is like a theme of the year that you will likely be experiencing through, where the energy is felt stronger than your Character Root Number.

With the Personal Year Number, you may also further calculate manually your own Personal Month Number and Personal Day Number.

Let’s go through how to do so in each of the sections below.

How to calculate your Personal Year Number?

And now to the D.I.Y part. To calculate your Personal Year Number, take the Day and Month of your birthday and add it to the current year, and then reduce it to a single digit. Let’s use a birthdate of 10th January 1969 as an example. In the normal numerology calculation, we will have the following.

Tan Chuan Jin Character Numerology

This birthdate has a Character Root Number 9 (Entrepreneur). Let’s say the current year now is 2020, we will change the year from 1969 to 2020 as shown below.

Tan Chuan Jin Personal Yearl 2020 Character Numerology

For a person with the birthdate of 10th January 1969, his Personal Year Number will be a number 6 in 2020. And number 6 is about acquiring wealth for this person this year.

But you might ask why would he acquire wealth suddenly? There can be a sequence to the 9 Personal Year Number. To be able to acquire wealth with the number 6, and how much he will succeed in doing so, it depends on what the person has accomplished in the preceding years.

Karma is probably the right word to use here. The more he does good deeds, having good thoughts, and says good things, he would have acquired as much positive energy as he possibly can.

What is this sequence of the 9 Personal Year Number? In fact, each of the Personal Year Number definition basically correlates closely to the 9 Character Root Numbers. Below summarises the definition:

Personal Year Number 1 – Independent, Leading

  • This is the year of the beginning where you have ended your 9 Personal Years in the last cycle. The new beginning here is an important year where you will think about what you want to do in this cycle. You might be facing an important chapter in your life, a new direction to take. It is a time of decision making to set your vision (the why) in this cycle.

Personal Year Number 2 – Eloquence, Convincing

  • The energy from Personal Year Number 2 will help you to be more eloquent in what you say and able to convince others quite easily. This is the year where you might start sharing your why if you have a grand vision, to get people to believe in you.

Personal Year Number 3 – Proactive, Action

  • This is the year of taking action as the energy from a Character Root Number 3 will be particularly stronger. Push forward to execute on the path that you may have decided back in Personal Year Number 1 if you have one.

Personal Year Number 4 – Planning

  • This is the year of planning where the energy from Character Root Number 4 takes over. Use this year to look into details as that is what people in Character Root Number 4 does best. You will likely be more analytical and observant of details and people will trust you more as you present your facts.

Personal Year Number 5 – Targeting, Ambition

  • With all the planning work done in the previous year, this year can be about executing your plan and achieve your ambition. That is the energy of a Character Root Number 5. But be careful as well since this number sits in the middle of the 9 numbers so you can also be obstinate and self-centered.

Personal Year Number 6 – Intelligence, Wealth

  • Through your hard work in the previous years, you may reap some rewards this year. Take some time to enjoy your rewards. You might also spend more time with your family as you may take on a nurturing role. This year is about balance, perhaps because you have worked hard in the past few years. You may find yourself spending more time on thinking and re-organise yourself.

Personal Year Number 7 – Relationships

  • The energy from Personal Year Number 7 is about relationships. You might find yourself the center of attraction as you gain popularity. Be humble but at the same time, use this year to improve your network and reach out to more people.

Personal Year Number 8 – Responsibility

  • With people’s trust in you comes responsibility. Perhaps that comes naturally as you build relationships in the previous year and gain people’s trust. The Personal Year Number 8 can be quite a stressful year where you are energetic, active, and courageous in taking up challenges. You strive to do your best and deliver as people are counting on you.

Personal Year Number 9 – Success

  • This is the last year of the Personal Year Cycle and it is about a conclusion, ideally achieving the success that you have set to do 9 years ago. And then, it is about preparing yourself to start the new cycle as you move on into another phase of your life.

Perhaps a meaningful quote below:

“When one door closes another door opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”

Alexander Graham Bell

We need to be mindful as we start the new cycle. Do we look back so longingly at that closed door and failed to see new opportunities that have opened up in front of us ready to step into? Or should we strive to finish any loose end in this cycle and look for new adventures that may arise?

How to calculate your Personal Month Number?

As mentioned, we may further observe what energy resonates more closely to us in each month by knowing our Personal Month Number.

To calculate the Personal Month Number, we will first need to know the Personal Year Number. Taking the same example earlier, the Personal Year Number in 2020 for a person born on 10th January 1969 is Number 6.

And assuming we are in July, the Personal Month Number is calculated as follows, reducing it to a single digit:
6 + 7 = 13
1 + 3 = 4

Just like how we view a Personal Year Number, the Personal Month Number of 4 signals that the month of July is about planning.

How to calculate your Personal Day Number?

And to further calculate your Personal Day Number, assume the date today is 8 July 2020, the Personal Day Number is calculated as follows, reducing to a single digit:
4 + 8 = 12
1 + 2 = 3

Hence, 8th July in this example has a Personal Day Number of 3 which means he may be most successful or suitable to take action or make some key decisions.

An Annual Planner

With this framework, you could actually work out a simple day-by-day planner for up to 9 years and even more! Isn’t it cool and fun to be a numerologist by yourself and provide you with a guide on how you can approach your day?

If you would like to have a headstart on how you can do this, why not give it a try by subscribing to a Free 30-days Personalised Daily Energy Outlook that looks at your Personal Year, Month, and especially, your Personal Day Number versus the Universal Day Number.

I hope you find this article useful and if you have any questions about Numerology or want to leave your own views or experiences, do leave a comment below.

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6 thoughts on “Forecasting with Personal Year Cycle”

  1. Well, this is coming to me very strangely because I have never heard of something like this before. The personal year seems like something worthy to know of and I would be eager to find out what my personal year is. With the calculation formula you have given, I will be inclined to give it a try too. Thanks

    • Hi Liza, the personal year cycle can help give you a point of reference to which year are you in, in your 9 personal years. From there, you can get an indication of the direction you can take for that particular year.

  2. There are lots of things that we don’t understand and it’s always very interesting to be able to read through them, it helps us acquire more knowledge and also gives us the chance to better ourselves. Forecasting is a really nice idea and with personal year cycle was where I got blown, it’s nice to read through.

    • Hi Bolt, thank you for reading the article. It may be slightly more advance for you. You may see forecasting with the Personal Year Cycle as a way to plan out a roadmap for yourself in the next nine years.

  3. Sorry, I don’t really get you. If my birth date is 28 April 1986, what is my forecast for the year 2021?

    I calculated my character root number to be 2. And my personal year number in 2021 is 1? Am I right? So I should read the explanation for personal year number 1?

    • Hi Clark, you are correct. In 2021, your personal year number is 1. It means that you are currently at the end of your 9 year cycle in 2020. So with the year ending, have you achieved what you want to achieve for the past 9 years? It is a year of wrapping up. And are you planning to embark on a new journey in 2021? If so, then this is the year of planning for you and looking at a new direction. You can then read on and use the explanation for each of the years as a guideline.


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