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Experiencing Your Energy Fields

I have been searching whether there is a way that I can determine my positive and negative energies. And I believe that I have found something worthwhile to share with you. In this article, we are going to explore how you may go about experiencing your energy fields.

So you might wonder, why do we want to experience our energy fields? What use can this do for me?

From the study of Numerology, we can calculate and understand our positive and negative characteristics by interpreting the meaning of the numbers. The numbers that we inherit from birth or acquired throughout our lifetime have vibrational energies that influence us positively or negatively.

But how do we know? How do we “see” our energy fields?

And it is not just the numbers. The colors of the clothing that we wear and the environment around us can affect our energies.

You might find colors and the environment all too familiar.

Before I started learning about Numerology, I have heard about how the colors of what we wear can affect how we feel, how others see you, and hence our performance.

You may like certain types of colors, and chances are, they may extend or attract positive energies for you. But there can be circumstances where certain types of colors that you like are not suitable for you.

But how do we know?

I have earlier no idea how to figure out what colors are most suitable for me except for a gut feeling.

There are, of course, professional grooming courses that will teach us things such as how do we dress up confidently and what type of color matching clothes should we have in our wardrobe that is suitable for different occasions.

While that is useful, what I am going to introduce to you in the subsequent section of this article will look from an energy field perspective.

Perhaps you may like the color for a particular shirt or dress, but the energy field of that color may not suit you.

There is a way you can check this out yourself.

And as for the environment, this refers to the study of Feng Shui, which I believe you would have heard. Questions like which spot in your study room or office has the best energy fields to help you perform most optimally is one example.

How To Experience Your Energy Fields

So what is one way for us to go about detecting our energy fields? The answer is in this tool called the Dowsing Rod.

Experiencing Your Energy Fields - Dowsing Rods

The Dowsing Rod begins as a tool used for detecting metal ores, and then water sources. But it has evolved to other uses such as the detection of energy fields of a person or our surroundings (Feng Shui).

The dowsing rod can locate lost objects as well. I have personally tried an experiment on this, and I was very much intrigued by the experience!

In that experiment, I got someone to hide my mobile phone in an office area while I waited in a corner that I couldn’t see. I then started using the dowsing rod to try and lead me to my mobile phone. 

Alas, I failed in that first attempt. But through my after-action review, I realized that I have allowed my assumption and thoughts to influence where the dowsing rod is taking me. 

In the end, the dowsing rod was pointing me to where I think the mobile phone is hiding and not where it was hidden. 

Recapping what has happened in that experiment, the dowsing rod was indeed pointing me in the right direction at that time, but I didn’t believe it because I was guessing where my mobile phone is hiding instead of trusting where it was taking me.

I know this may sound hocus pocus to you because I would feel the same if this is the first time that I came across the term dowsing rod and what it does. 

But I’m just all too excited even to write this down, and how best can I even describe the experience to you as clearly as I can. 

If I were to try and describe this in a sentence, or a few sentences, I would say that we all have energy fields, and through our Will, our Words, and our Thoughts, we can connect ourselves to our surroundings through an Object. And for the Thoughts, it is more about emptying it so that we will not influence the connection. 

So if I were to summarize: 

  • The Will – is about focusing on what we want.
  • The Word – is about saying it out what we want.
  • The Thought – is about not allowing our mind to influence what is about to happen.
  • The Object – is the tool to help us channel our energy fields outwards and connect with the environment to seek what we want to find.

It sounds very much like a fantasy novel, you think?

But I very much believe that you will know what I mean if you were to do the same thing that I went through.

How To Use Dowsing Rods To Detect Your Energy Fields

I have so far mentioned that we can use the dowsing rod to experience our energy fields and connect with our surroundings to locate lost objects. 

So how do we go about detecting our energy fields to determine whether we are more positive or more negative? 

And does the color of our shirt or dress suits us? 

The dowsing rods of the modern-day are usually the L-shaped type. It comes in a pair which you will hold each rod on each hand. 

Below are the steps that I am practicing to detect my energy level: 

  1. Find a relatively open space that is not cluttered. You may either sit down or stand up. 
  2. Hold the pair of dowsing rods with your arms downwards in a relaxed position. 
  3. Calm yourself down and take a deep breath. 
  4. Raise the dowsing rods to your chest level and relatively close to you. Ensure that your dowsing rods are upright and not tilted.  
  5. At the same time as point 4, focus and ask the question like “What is my energy level now?”.

Observe how the dowsing rod moves. If the rods swing wide open, it indicates that your energy fields are positive. If the rods rotate inwards, it means your energy fields are negative. 

Experiencing Your Energy Fields - Dowsing Rod Positive Energy
Positive Energy
Experiencing Your Energy Fields - Dowsing Rod Negative Energy
Negative Energy

The interpretation is that if your energy fields are positive, it means you are good to engage people, and you are in a state to receive. Therefore, if you are in sales, for instance, you may have a higher chance of closing a deal. Or in any case, whatever you do, you have a higher chance of success when dealing with people. 

But if your energy fields are negative, it does not necessarily mean it is not good. You can use the opportunity to do some paperwork, research, or study, basically, things that you can do alone. You need such “me” times anyway!

Ways To Improve Your Energy Fields

However, if you want to improve your energy fields, you may want to start by checking what colors are suitable for you.

You will find that the dowsing rods may react as you try on different color clothing. Some colors may cause the dowsing rod to open wider, while some may close up. From there, you will know which color is suitable for you.

Experiencing Your Energy Fields - Improve Energy Fields with Colors

Hence, if you need to meet clients to clinch a deal or need to do a presentation, you will know what colors to wear to help give you that added boost and confidence!

It is altogether possible that the dowsing rods may “refuse” to open wide regardless of any color that you wear.

If this does happen to you, there is another way, although I would think this is more on the explorative side. It involves examining the numbers from your Pythagoras Numerology calculation and observe what numbers are lacking in the chart.

And then, you have to assess what are the most important numbers that have the characteristics that you desire or you think you are lacking.

Once you have determined that, you may then write that number on your palms or carry that number with you through engraving it on a pendant, perhaps.

If you got it right, the dowsing rod will swing right open and tells you that your energies have turned positive!

When I came across this method, I was feeling skeptical. But as I experimented this with different people, what I saw was mystical.

In one example, I have a subject where her energy fields are showing negative as the dowsing rods are always swinging inwards. No matter what color clothing we tried, the results are all negative.

After going through her Numerology chart, I figured that she lacks the number 6. I wrote this number on her left palm, and surprisingly, the dowsing rod that she holds on her left-hand swings open! And when I also wrote the same number on her right hand, the dowsing rod on the right hand opens up too!

It goes to show that numbers do have energies, and we need to be mindful of what numbers suit us.

But I have some further thoughts about this method of using numbers to tune our energy fields, and I will talk about this in a separate article.

Views on Dowsing

I thought it is also worthwhile to talk about the perceptions of dowsing to give you a better picture.

If you were to start researching on the history or the background of dowsing, you might find doubtful or mixed views about this practice. 

It is generally because the practice lacks scientific evidence for its effectiveness. 

Wikipedia, for instance, has descriptions of the history of dowsing, which suggests that it originates from Germany and dates back to the 16th century. 

Back in those times, the Germans use a forked stick (Y-rod) to dowse for metals in the mining areas. And the materials they used were twigs or branches from a tree, preferably freshly cut or chosen from particular trees. 

It describes how a practitioner manages to find the metals with the dowsing rod, but the observers remain skeptical and unconvinced. 

And in terms of water dowsing, there is an article from West Texas A&M University that refutes the notion that water dowsing works. It talks about the concept of unstable equilibrium, where the dowsing rods are only responding to the random movements of the person holding the rods.  

But regardless, you will find advocates of water dowsing affirming that it works. We can locate one example in The Guardian’s article “In defense of dowsing to detect water“, where many readers share their success stories on dowsing. 

In my opinion, dowsing does work, but it will take some practice to improve ourselves in this skillset. It includes:

  • The proper way to hold the dowsing rods to avoid bias. 
  • Learning to empty your thoughts when using the dowsing rods.
  • Believing that energy fields are around us and that we can connect to it.

Types Of Dowsing Rod

As you have read so far, you will notice that there are different types of dowsing rod available.

In summary, the materials used for making dowsing rods can be wood, copper, stainless steel, or brass. And they can be Y-rod or L-rod shaped.

But the most common type of dowsing rods is made from copper, stainless steel, or brass, and L-rod type. Below are some examples that I find pretty cool. I have personally tried using the first and third ones.

Note: The below recommendations contain affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission off purchases, but at no extra cost to you. Read my full disclosure here.

Lazada-Dowsing Rod-Brass

My experience above is that while it looks the coolest among the 3 choices that I am recommending here, it can be quite a hassle to install and adjust the rods unless you don’t intend to keep them back into the original box.

The handle is just perfect for my hands, and the rods are very sensitive, so it takes some time to adjust and calibrate the rod to your sensitivity preference.

So my suggestion is, if you want to get this for yourself, you might want to ditch the box provided and keep the dowsing rods in a separate carrier bag that is large enough to store them. Then you don’t have to keep re-calibrating the dowsing rods.

Lazada-Dowsing Rod-Stainless Steel

I have not tried this before, but being retractable means that it is easy to keep and bring around.

Dowsing Rod-3
  • Product Description: DOWSING ROD /ENERGY ROD / AURA ROD MURAH.
  • Material: Copper
  • Dimension:
    • Handles (8cm / 3.15inches)
    • Rods (16cm / 6.3inches)
  • Pros: Very easy to use, comes with a bag
  • Cons: Not professional-looking, handles are a bit short.

This dowsing rod has a rustic feel, very simple and plain. It was the first dowsing rod that I have tried, and I would say that the handling is solid. The rods swivel very accurately to the energy field that I am feeling for. It gave me a trusty feel when I use it.

My only complaint with this dowsing rod is the handle length. I needed to be careful not to touch the bottom hooks that you can see in the image above, as it will affect the rod’s swiveling.

Hence, one of the other things that I would look out for when choosing a dowsing rod is the handle’s length. With a handle length of 13 cm / 5.1 inches, it should fit nicely with most hands.

As mentioned above, I have tried smaller-sized dowsing rods earlier, but my hands will sometimes interfere with the movement of the rods because the bottom part of the handle has a hook that is part of the rod. I had to be very careful to hold it just right.

But if your hands are small, then a handle length lesser than 13 cm will work fine as well.

Final Thoughts

In summary, we can detect our energy fields using dowsing rods. It can help us to ascertain whether we are in a positive or negative state and enable us to have the means to determine how we can improve our energy fields. In this article, we explored the use of colors and numbers as ways to improve our energy fields.

I hope you find this article insightful. If you have any questions about using dowsing rods to detect your energy fields, do leave a comment below.

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12 thoughts on “Experiencing Your Energy Fields”

  1. Thanks for explaining about the energy field. This is the first time I hear that a dowsing rod can be used to detect our energy field. You have given a nice explanation of both positive and negative energy. I think I understand, sometimes when I feel very positive, it’s really easy to convince people. I’ll check a portable dowsing rod in my local online store since I’m not really into making it. Thanks for the information.

  2. Hi,

    From my online research about the topic energy is made of everything and has its own unique vibration, including you, everything is in a constant state of receiving and radiating energy, the frequency of this energy falls on a spectrum from light to dark. Light energy is infinite, effortless, and rooted in love. Dark or shadow energy is dense and rooted in fear, as an electromagnetic being, you attract experiences and relationships that match your frequency.
    Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Aluko, thanks for reading this post and great sharing! We should practice embracing positive thoughts to attract the right vibrational energies that will bring us the good experiences that we will wish for. 

  3. Knowing the energy field is not  enough. But developing or improving it goes along way. This is also like knowing ones strength and weakness. What you can do without push and even with a push, what does not appeal to you. 

    This review is wonderful. Thank yo u for bringing this on. It’s such an amazing information

    • Hi Elizabeth, you are welcome. Knowing or experiencing our energy field is a way to measure or detect whether we are trending positive and negative, since we can’t actually see energy fields with our naked eyes. As we practice Numerology and learn more about ourselves, to avoid the negative influences and work towards positive change, we need some means to measure our progress like a checkpoint.

  4. Hello, thank you for sharing this article centered on experiencing one’s energy field. This is my first time hearing the word dowsing. I basically had no understanding of anything in this article until I read it and now I understand quite somethings. Thanks for sharing this educative and enlightening article on energy fields

    • Hi Leslie, you are welcome. Glad to see that you have learned something and hope this may help you in some way in the future. 

  5. This is the first time I am hearing of anything called dowsing and really, it shows me here that there is so much that I don’t know yet. All the same it seems to me like numerology is a real thing and the numbers and color around us can tell the kind of energy we have. I don’t understand how to use those dowsing rods though. 

    • Hi Jackie, thanks for dropping by and reading this article. Numerology has been around for a few thousand years, but like many other things, before the advent of the internet, its outreach has been quite limited.

      Learning Numerology can help us to understand what are our positive and negative traits, where the numbers that we inherit have energies that influence us.

      The use of dowsing rods is one way to help us to detect our energies. When we hold the dowsing rods upright, you will notice that the rods will move in response to the energy fields it detects and what we want it to do. It will take a little bit of practice, but it is not difficult.

  6. Thank you for sharing this. Though I have seen this in movies being used for various things but I never thought that t can be used to gauge our positive and negative energy around us. This is actually a very good one to see here and which I appreciate in all. What has been shared here is truly worthy and I can say that I fancy it alot. Thank you for sharing

    • Hi DarmiMaddie, thank you for dropping by. Yes, we can use the dowsing rod to gauge our positive and negative energies within us and use it to locate objects. It has been a fascinating experience for me and I’m glad I’m able to share it with you. 


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