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Improving Energy Fields Through Numerology

In my last article, I have talked about how we can experience our energy fields using the dowsing rods. And I have briefly described ways we can go about improving it via colors and numbers.

So in this post, I would like to elaborate further on improving energy fields through Numerology, where we will explore how we may use numbers to tune our energy fields to be more successful in what we do. 

I believe this method may work for people who believe in Numerology and have a fair understanding of the meaning of the numbers. 

Else, you may find the contents in this post can be somewhat baffling to comprehend though I will attempt to simplify it as much as possible. 

I would recommend the following pre-requisite readings before you read this article:

What Is Your Heart’s Desire?

Knowing whether our energy fields are positive or negative is one thing, but what can we do to improve? 

And I believe the “Why we want to improve” can be quite apparent if you agree – we all want to improve our chances of success in what we do in life. 

So what are your heart’s desires that you want to achieve in life and improve your chances of success?   

In my opinion, to improve our chances of success in life, there are two perspectives to think about:

  • How can we improve internally within ourselves?
  • What things can we do externally to improve our chances of success? 

Improving Internally

So how can we improve internally within ourselves? In a simple statement, it requires a change in our state of mind and actions, and there can be many ways we may strive to change that for the better.

What positive changes you want to see happening in your life depends on what are the goals you want to achieve.

Have you defined clear goals for your life, or are you living on someone else’s at the moment?

Perhaps some of the more common goals that we all wish to achieve are being financially independent or living a happy and healthy life.

Whatever it is for you, to achieve any of the above or something else you have defined for yourself, it will inadvertently require a change in your filters, a change in your paradigm.

Improving Energy Fields Through Numerology - Change of Filters

That is where you may seek life coaches or seek inspiration from role models that you can associate yourselves with and learn from them.

Taking consistent actions on the vision of our goals is what will eventually propel us to success. And this is one core ingredient that distinguishes the 1% successful ones from the 99% failures.

Improving From External Influences

However, attempts to change yourself from within may not be enough, which by itself is a great challenge.

Your environment may be surrounded by negative energies that create barriers for you to achieve the kind of success you want.

For example, the location and direction of your office desk or the layout of your home can have an effect of causing negative energies. Such studies usually fall under the realm of Feng Shui to rectify negative chi and bring in positive chi.

Another example of external influences would be coming from a Numerology perspective, whereby the numbers you have inherited or acquired throughout your life have vibrational positive or negative energies that will shape your life to a certain extent.

So if your numbers have too many negative energies, it will create barriers to your attempts to improve yourself internally. You may find more huddles or roadblocks in your journey.

Hence, it is useful to look into fine-tuning the numbers that you have so that you are surrounded by the right energies to help you achieve success more smoothly.

And I would want to clarify that tuning your numbers doesn’t necessarily mean you will automatically be successful in life.

It is not a magic formula, but you may think of it as the means to open the right doors for you, which you will have to decide how you want to walk through it (the actions).

It is intertwin with how you go about improving yourself internally as you reach for your goals. Your journey can become smoother as your energies are tuned correctly.

Let’s jump right on to learn how to tune our numbers.

How To Determine What Numbers You Are Lacking?

We will use an example to demonstrate how we can go about determining what numbers we are lacking.

And I would like to highlight that the method used here to determine what numbers a person may be lacking is base on the Pythagorean Numerology chart.

As such, let’s use the birthdate of 2nd March 1985 as an example. The diagram below shows the numerology chart for this birthdate.

Improving Energy Fields Through Numerology - Birthdate 2nd March 1985

Interpreting the Numerology Chart

Let’s first draw some insights to understand the personality of this birthdate.

From the left upper section of the inner triangle, the 2-3 number pattern reveals the pairing of a communicator and the energizer characteristics. It suggests that they may speak their mind without sufficient consideration of other people’s feelings. They may inadvertently hurt others with their choice of words. They can be the type who is eloquently straight to the point. And they can be quite temperamental as well.

The 1-4 number pattern in the right upper section of the inner triangle shows that they can be very detailed and analytical. They are great planners as such but have to be mindful of their execution as they tend to be overly ambitious or obstinate with their works. And this can be observed by the eventual number 5. They might spend too much time thinking and planning, leaving themselves with little time to execute or poor execution.

Let’s look at the 5-5-1 number pattern in the middle of the inner triangle. The number 5 is represented as ambitious on the positive side and obstinate on the negative. When we put two number 5s together, it suggests that people having this number will always want things in their way. And they may be quite fickle-minded, changing their directions now and then. The energies of a 5-5 that results in a Character Root Number 1 Leader type can be quite self-destructive for the person.

Looking at the numbers that are outside of the triangle, we see the 8-7, 6-9, and 6-6 number patterns.

For the 6-6 number pattern, the number 6 represents wealth and wisdom on the positive side and materialism/risk-taking on the negative. But as 6-6 will result in the number 3, which is the energizer, it suggests characteristics of a rash person who wants to acquire wealth fast but may eventually find it difficult to reach. Or, they may become wealthy quite easily but lose it just as quickly.

With the 8-7 number pattern, where the number 8 represents responsibility, and the number 7 represents popularity, it reveals that they will have many supporters but will bring stress to these supporters.

And for the 6-9 number pattern, with the number 6 representing wealth while the number 9 represents the entrepreneur, it suggests that they will have an abundance of opportunities to achieve wealth.

Assessing Number Gaps

With the above interpretation, do you have a better understanding and appreciation of the personality of this birthdate?

In terms of assessing the number gaps, hence what energy fields to acquire, we do this by considering the numbers that are not present in the overall Numerology chart. And we add this to the Character Root Number.

When you look at the inner triangle, you will find that it is missing the numbers 6, 7, 8, and 9.

And when you look at the numbers in the outer triangle, you will find that it is missing the numbers 1, 2, 4, and 5.

What we want to assess then is which number we want to include that will help this birthdate the most.

On both the inner and outer triangle, the number 3 is already present. Therefore, we do not need to look into this since this birthdate has the energizer characteristics internally and also externally.

We next ask ourselves, does this birthdate need a number 1? Since this birthdate is a Character Root Number 1 personality, we do not need to consider number 1.

And for number 2 communicator, although this is missing in the outer triangle, communication is something that we can train by practice. And if you add 2 to the Character Root Number 1, it becomes a 3, which is an energy that we do not want additionally, since we already have it internally and externally.

As for number 4, the planner characteristic could be something useful to have. But when we add 4 to the Character Root Number 1, it will produce a number 5, and we certainly do not want any more number 5 appearing given what we have interpreted with the 5-5 number pattern in the inner triangle.

We hence skip number 5.

And on number 6, the wealth and wisdom characteristics can be useful to rein in some of the negative energies that we have interpreted earlier from the chart. And when we add 6 to the Character Root Number 1, it will yield a number 7, which will provide the energies to attract supporters.

Improving Energy Fields Through Numerology - Wisdom

And as for number 7, while it is good to attract supporters with the popularity energies, adding 7 to the Character Root Number 1 will give rise to a number 8, responsibility. It is probably not too ideal to do so.

So this is where we will skip the consideration of number 8.

Lastly, for number 9, while it represents opportunities, the birthdate already has this number in the outer triangle. And adding number 9 to the Character Root Number 1 will again end up with a number 1, which seems redundant.

As such, going through this thought process, we may infer that the best number to improve the energy fields for this birthdate is number 6.

An Experiment To Show Numbers Have Energies

The numbers in the Numerology Chart and the thought process described above was an actual case study that I have done.

Upon systematically deducing the best number that is suitable to add on to improve the energy fields of this birthdate, what we did was to write the number 6 on the palms of the person.

We then validate the effects using the dowsing rods. We tested writing the number 6 on the left palm first, and the dowsing rod on the left swing open. And when we wrote the number 6 on the right palm as well, the dowing rod on the right-hand swings open as well.

This experiment thus shows that numbers have energies.

Do you find this unbelievable?

An After Thought

Honestly, I didn’t quite believe it when I first learn about this method in theory.

But when we started trying out with the dowsing rods, the practical experiments have changed my perspective.

In principle, what this should do for you is to help you increase your confidence or luck when engaging people or completing things that you need to do.

Improving Energy Fields Through Numerology - Confidence

Of course, writing the number on your palm may seem inappropriate, especially if you are meeting clients, for instance. They may find it odd why are you writing a number on your palms.

Perhaps another way is to purchase a number pendant or some accessories that have the right number for you.

My last afterthought, however, is that all these are based solely on the Pythagorean Numerology system.

If you have also studied the I Ching Numerology system, the approach for energy field tuning will be different.


In this article, we have touched on why we want to improve our energy fields. And this comes from both an internal and external perspective.

What we have then explored is a way on how we may go about improving our energy fields through external means. And this is through the Numerology method, where numbers have energies.

By knowing how to interpret our Numerology chart, we will start to realize what energies we may be lacking or desire to have. And we have also gone through how to acquire the energy fields that we want to have and further validate that using the dowsing rods.

I hope you find this article on improving energy fields through numerology useful, and if you have any questions, thoughts, or need help with this technique, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. Hello there!, thank you for sharing this article with us, it is very amazing and incredible. Numerology is something that is very essential to the human body. This is the first time I am having to read what numerology is used for but even at that, your article simplified everything for me. Thank you for this article, it was really thoughtful of you.

  2. This is a wonderful information you have here, and I am glad that I got the chance to read this article.This article, to me, is a great guide on ways one can improve their energy fields through numerology. I have really learnt a lot about the whole concept of numerology from reading this article, and I am very positive that implementing it in my life will definitely bring about great results and achievements.

    • Hi Nelson, thanks for reading this article. Yes, implementing Numerology as part of your life will certainly bring you benefits as you gain by being more self-aware about yourself and others too. 

  3. Thanks for sharing this amazing article, it is a very good one and it has a lot of good stuffs in it. This is really the first time reading about how you can use numerology to improve energy fields, I think it’s a great idea and the concept behind it is very thoughtful too. It’s nice to come across this.


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