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How To Communicate With Your Client

Establishing trust with your clients is the key to building a long-lasting relationship. Knowing how to communicate with your client effectively is one of the most essential skills any salesperson must develop. In this article, we will unveil a technique that empowers you to foster stronger connections with your clients.

For financial advisors especially, cultivating effective communication skills is even more critical, as the client-advisor relationship often extends over a lifetime.

Understanding your client’s communication or decision-making style is therefore a crucial element for success.

And achieving this can be accomplished by gaining insights into their character or personality traits.

The common approach to understanding a client’s communication style is the D.I.S.C. profiling concept. By engaging in conversations with the client, a salesperson can potentially deduce the category(s) the client may belong to.

While this technique may not be as precise as an assessment involving comprehensive questionnaires, it empowers the salesperson to adapt their approach and better serve their clients. It provides a starting point for building rapport and establishing a stronger connection.

How To Communicate With Your Client - Building Rapport

Yet another highly effective method to easily gain insights into your client’s communication style is by utilising numerology.

The key advantage of this technique is the ability to understand your prospective client’s personality even before your first meeting. But this is provided you have their date of birth.

In the subsequent sections, we will delve into the practical application of numerology to determine your client’s personality traits. By gaining this valuable insight, you will be equipped with the knowledge needed to effectively tailor your communication approach and strengthen your interactions with clients.

Ideal Profession for Utilising Numerology to Understand Client Communication Styles

Not all salespersons or professionals have access to their clients’ date of birth. Financial advisors are perhaps the most suitable professionals that can utilise numerology to understand and serve their clients better.

And the term “financial advisor” encompasses various related professional titles, including but not limited to financial planner, financial consultant, insurance advisor, wealth advisor, investment advisor, and so on.

It is primarily because the date of birth is a piece of information that is essential for planning and recommending appropriate financial products tailored to the client’s needs.

Other professions do not usually require the need to know their client’s birth date. Hence, using numerology may not be immediately feasible to help them understand their client’s communication styles until they know their client well enough to have their birth date.

How To Determine Your Client’s Communication Style Using Numerology?

Assume you have the date of birth of your client, you can calculate their Character Root Number by summing the digits together and reducing them into a single number.

For example, a birth date of 27 Sep 1994 will have the Character Root Number 5 (2+7+0+9+1+9+9+4 = 41 = 4+1=5).

The following table will help you to understand the primary communication style of a person based on the Character Root Number, and how you may engage them.

Leveraging this knowledge will enhance your ability to establish rapport with clients more efficiently.

Character Root NumberPrimary Communication Style
A leader’s persona embodies confidence and independence, often
characterised by a preference for concise communication and a
direct approach to addressing matters.
2 (Communicator)A communicator values the process of discussing matters. Hence,
actively engaging in conversation will help to foster rapport,
cultivate trust, and effectively accomplish the tasks at hand.
An energiser is typically impatient and has a strong inclination to
expedite tasks. They tend to find detailed information tedious,
making it more effective to provide them with a concise summary
and a broader perspective.
A mastermind thrives on intricate details, making the provision
of facts, figures, reports, and specifications invaluable for their
understanding and decision-making process.
A conqueror exhibits a tendency to thoroughly evaluate
situations from various perspectives prior to taking action,
making it crucial to present them with compelling hard facts in
order to persuade them and facilitate decision-making.
A sage possesses wisdom and a forward-thinking mindset,
requiring an approach that involves anticipating future scenarios.
As they may not readily disclose everything about themselves,
building trust and offering support is essential to assist them in
making decisions.
A celebrity persona is drawn to relationship-building and actively
engages in networking. While they tend to have an easygoing
nature, indecisiveness can be a characteristic to consider.
Establishing credibility, maintaining a pleasant demeanour, and
exuding confidence are some of the key factors for successfully
interacting with them.
8 (Guardian)A guardian persona embodies responsibility and a willingness to
tackle challenges. By highlighting and focusing on these aspects
in your communication style, you can ignite their interest and
establish rapport with them.
9 (Entrepreneur)An entrepreneur generally possesses a heightened sensitivity to
opportunities They are optimistic, open-minded, and imaginative.
To capture their interest, emphasise the features, benefits, and
potential return on investment of your product or services in your

While utilising the Character Root Number provides quick and valuable insights into your client’s communication style, delving into their numerology chart offers a more comprehensive understanding of their personality traits and preferred communication style.

It is important to leverage both approaches for a well-rounded comprehension of your client’s communication dynamics.

Ways To Know Your Client’s Date of Birth

As mentioned previously, financial advisors often have a legitimate reason to obtain their client’s date of birth, whether it’s for planning purposes or to generate presentation materials such as benefits illustrations.

Riding on this is to utilise this information to understand the client’s personality better, enabling the advisor to recognise the communication style and cater to their individual preferences and needs.

The following are some ways that a financial advisor may know their client’s date of birth.

  • Fact Finders: The financial advisor may request prospects to fill up a fact finder questionnaire before their first meeting to allow for pre-planning. The date of birth is requested while providing information relating to their financial situation.
  • Referrals of family members from existing clients: Clients may recommend their family members to their financial advisors. The family members may be beneficiaries of the insurance policies, and some basic details such as the date of birth may be available.
  • In Conversation: The financial advisor can subtly inquire about the client’s date of birth during their meeting, either as part of gathering pertinent information or to provide real-time illustrations.

For other professions, acquiring their client’s date of birth typically requires building a more established relationship first. And the usage can be for sending personalised birthday greetings to create engagement and strengthen the client relationship.

Adjusting Your Communication Style to Suit Your Client

Once you have gained insight into your client’s communication style, the key lies in adapting and adjusting yourself accordingly to effectively interact and engage with them.

How To Communicate With Your Client - Man adjusting his tie

This entails aligning your communication approach, tone, and delivery to resonate with their preferences, fostering better understanding, rapport, and collaboration.

By tailoring your interactions to match their style, you can enhance the overall effectiveness of your communication and ultimately strengthen the client relationship.

Key Takeaways

I hope that you have gained valuable insights from this post. To summarise the key takeaways that we have discussed, we have:

  • Identified the ideal profession best suited for leveraging numerology to understand client communication style.
  • Acquired knowledge on utilising numerology to determine the client’s communication style.
  • Explored ways for obtaining the client’s date of birth information.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any thoughts, questions, or comments. I would be delighted to address them to the best of my abilities.

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