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The Dangers Of Numerology

As I started to blog more and more on Numerology, I begin to think about the dangers of Numerology, whether it could bring more benefits than harm.

Could it be misused or fall into the wrong hands?

Numerology may be considered as either a metaphysics or pseudoscience. Or some people may call this a mystical art or an occult.

Whichever way we call it, Numerology is not something that science can prove.

But when you start to learn the meaning of the numbers and practice it, you will find an amazing realisation of the insights and benefits that it can bring for you.

Each Numerologist has different methods and experience to read the numbers and draw meanings from them. The more we practice, the better we may get. It is like any other profession, like a musician, an artist, or even a doctor.

A musician keeps practising and thinks of new inspiration to make better music.

An artist keeps practising to draw or create new pieces of art to express his view of beauty.

A doctor keeps practicing to improve his skills to save more lives.

A numerologist keeps practising to study the meaning of the numbers to help people to connect the dots to understand themselves and others better and seek greater clarity with their lives.

But everything has a positive and negative side, the good and the bad, or the light and the dark side.

So how would Numerology be any different? In this article, I would like to discuss a few points to rationalise the usage of Numerology.

The Intention of Using Numerology

Numerology may be uncomfortable for some people as it may reveal hidden knowledge about a person’s life.

How would you like your character to be read like a book by another person?

How would you like someone to predict your destiny and outline some life events that you will face?

For example, what do you think if someone tells you that you will be very successful in life by the time you are 40?

And how does it feel if someone were to tell you that you may divorce your spouse at some point in life, or something worse?

To some people, this can be very unsettling, especially when it is on the negative side.

But what if you are the one who can do the above?

Does that give you a sense of power, the power to know the character of another person without them knowing (if you have the right data).

The Dangers Of Numerology - Woman With Spirals Behind

Does this feel worrying, or does it makes you feel excited?

With power comes responsibility.

What mindset are you using this power for? To take advantage of people’s weaknesses or to help them improve their lives?

It is thus important to emphasize that we use Numerology for good intentions. We must take the perspective of positivism, so that we will always harbour good thoughts, converse optimistically, and exercise the right actions.

I believe that if we were to use Numerology for ill intent, bad karma would follow us.

Thousands of years ago, Pythagoras imparts his knowledge on the secrets of number vibrations only to a select few. And the details were only imparted by word of mouth that it was never written until much later by his remaining disciples. Perhaps he believes that the world wasn’t ready for such knowledge except for the chosen few, the wise men.

But fast-forwarding to the present day, there is a plethora of information about Numerology via books or online. There are plenty of courses available to teach people about Numerology.

The overarching principle of teaching Numerology is to assist people to live a more harmonious life by understanding themselves more deeply from a refreshingly different and fascinating perspective.

We learn what are our positive and negative characteristics by understanding our numbers and seek for positive change or improve further on our strengths.

We seek to understand others better with this knowledge and strive to have better relationships with them to build a peaceful environment.

Thus, if Numerology is used with such intention, then it is a good thing.

Interpreting the Numbers

But the meaning of the numbers is subject to interpretation, which may cause harm unknowingly. It depends predominantly on the experience of the practitioner and how he/she delivers the findings. And on the receiver end, it depends how he/she reacts to the information.

Experience of the practitioner

It will take a significant amount of practice for a Numerologist or a practitioner to feel sufficiently competent enough to provide a Numerology reading. It boils down to practice, just like any other profession or skillsets.

But the basics of interpreting the numbers are not that difficult. There are just 9 numbers that you need to learn their meaning. The only problem is, there can be different wordings to describe each of the 9 numbers defined by various Numerologists or authors. It may be interpreted differently either by the creator or the reader.

Generally, the definitions are consistent with what I have seen in my research so far. However, I have seen exceptions in the numbers 3, 7, 8, and 9 versus what I have learned.

So if we are to learn Numerology and want to be more comfortable with the meaning of the numbers, it requires more in-depth study and comparison against the different works available. This can be quite necessary until you have gained enough comfort on your own set of definitions and interpretations that it works. And you have to test it out by analysing different people to see which set of number meanings seems to make the most sense to you.

The Dangers Of Numerology - Book, Clock and Light

But if you have learned Numerology from a particular course, chances are your mind could be quite fixated on one school of teaching, provided you are convinced by the number of examples you have seen.

For example, if a Numerology chart contains the number pattern 8-8-7, it signifies a divorce event pattern. When I first learned about this, my first impression was, “Are you sure?”

But when I figured out that Princess Diana and Vladimir Putin have this number pattern in their Numerology chart, where both went through a divorce, I started to believe a little bit more.

And when I figured out a friend who also has this number pattern and indeed went through a divorce, I was sold. I’m convinced.

Nevertheless, there are, of course, people who have this number pattern but did not go through such an event, or people who do not have this number pattern but yet went through the event.

How do we explain?

All I can say is, the numbers give an indication. There is a probability that it may happen. Some people manage to avoid it by sheer will. Or another explanation is that he or she has other numbers that they inherited that helps to avert the disaster.

And this brings us to the next point about the intent of the practitioner analysing the Numerology chart. If you see the 8-8-7 number pattern of someone you know, what would you do?

In what circumstances will you reveal or not reveal? If you do, what mindset do you adopt? How do you deliver this finding?

These can be things that can affect a person’s life. Words are powerful.

Interpretation by the receiver

And how does the receiver feel? Using the same example above, what would be your reaction if a Numerologist or your friend who knows Numerology tells you that you have 8-8-7 in your Numerology chart?

There is a saying, “The speaker had no such intention, but the listener interpreted it to be so.”

It is all in our mind, do we take things positively or negatively?

The Dangers Of Numerology-Think Positive

If we are in a blissful marriage, a positive mindset scenario is where we may choose to ignore and not believe. Or the best case is when we take the information, reflect, and work towards ensuring that a divorce doesn’t happen.

But a negative mindset may result in suspicion or depression. And this may be further exacerbated if we frequently have quarrels with our spouses. Do we start to wonder if our other half may be having an affair? Do we feel a sense of hopelessness and think that this is all destined?

The truth is, we can all learn to live outside of what our numbers say. The numbers reveal insights about our life. We identify possible problems and seek to improve them.

Numerology Methods

There are many different types of Numerology systems in the world. The question is, which one is the best and which one is right? Who has the best syllabus to teach the best knowledge?

The short answer is, there is none. Any Numerology system has its own truth and accuracy.

So if we are to learn Numerology by ourselves, we couldn’t go too wrong in understanding our character if it is just for fun and to look for some guidance.

But if you want to go deeper in this knowledge to understand yourself more and use it to help others, it may be best to learn from someone more experienced to avoid misinterpretation.

And it is essential to do a lot of practice in the chosen Numerology system to gain confidence and improve your understanding.

The Dangers Of Numerology - Hands Circling The Sun

The most important thing to ask yourself is whether the Numerology system that you follow works for you? Do you feel that it has accurately described your character and you believed in it?

After all, the reason why we are learning Numerology is to seek improvements to our lives. So we must be able to feel comfortable and confident to use it.


I hope you find this article informative enough to understand the possible misuse or misinterpretation when using Numerology.

Everything has a positive and negative side. Ideally, we want to use Numerology to improve our lives and, where possible, to help others too.

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13 thoughts on “The Dangers Of Numerology”

  1. “Some people avoid it by sheer will’ – That would be my answer if you were to ask me if Numerology works or not? 

    I believe that nothing can override a persons will. The Will is the strongest thing in the universe.  If a person has set his mind on a thing and stands without wavering it will be so. Not even God can cross a person’s will. That is the rule of the universe. 

    Personally I do not like Numerology because as you said it imparts influence into your life which you could have gone without. But that said everything around us influences us, the media, the TV, our friends, the books we read and the things we are interested in. Ultimately you as person decide which way your life will go. If you are steadfast in your choice and have made up your mind to do something, not even uncontrollable events or circumstances would change your mind. Just make up your mind and stand your ground. 

    • Hi Michell,

      Thank you for dropping by and your comment. Your points are valid. We as a person decide which way we want our life to go. 

      In my view, Numerology is one of many ways to provide you with additional data input to understand your character and foresee possible life events. 

      If you are absolutely clear about your life choices, then stand your ground as you said, and proceed. This is excellent!

      But there are people who want a little more guidance, some techniques that can help them make better decisions or gain insights about their lives. Numerology is one of the ways that can help. 

  2. I never knew about numerology until today it’s a very interesting subject with lots of meaning behind the study of what it actually means. Now that I think of how much numbers do play such a big part in life I do see how there is a much deeper meaning behind numbers and how they relate to a persons life. Great article definitely learned something new today.

    All the best,


  3. This is the first, I did not know that there is also a danger side of numerology, I thought that there is only the positive side. I never thought of it as what will happen if it falls into the wrong hands like you mentioned. I agree that if you have the right mindset, anything can be done as well. You are right that there is two side to everything, it is just how you want to interpret it. 

    • Hi Nuttanee, you are absolutely right. There are 2 sides to everything and we should have the right positive mindset to interpret what we see.  

  4. I agree that everything that leads to power over other people can, in the wrong hands, become dangerous to those other people. Nevertheless, there is a personal element to this, in that not all people will react the same. It will not pose a threat to people with a strong will and backbone. Yet this should never be an excuse to exert such power, especially knowing what it could do to some of us.

    Somebody once said to me that I would live up to 84, 85 years old. I said that my father was already 92 and I would go the same. Then the person said, yes could be but you will get sick at 84, 85, but did not specify which disease. I would rather that person would have shut up about this.

    • Hi Jerry, thanks for reading this article. I suppose specifying which disease would be a tough call. But what is the context why this person is telling you all these? If he is just trying his best and sincerely trying to warn you based on what he has seen, then I would say this is just something to take note of. As long as you have been eating well and sleeping well, that will be sufficient. 

  5. Great article!

    Glad that you’ve made this website for teaching people about the dangers of numerology. It’s definitely an important topic to be discussing. It’s not only good to talk about the good parts of whatever it is that interests you, but also the negative side of things!

    Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing some more content from you!

  6. I really enjoyed reading your articles. I have heard of numerology before but your article was very informative. I even tried the Pythagorean method and found my root number is 9 that means entrepreneur positive and lazy negative and it is spot on I do have an entrepreneur mentality and I always have to control being lazy. 

    I was just unsure of the menu that was below the 1st paragraph not sure why it was there.

    Your colours are calming and made me feel at peace, not a busy site so kept me focused on what I was reading.

    • Hi Nicky, thank you for reading and enjoy my articles. And happy to learn that you have also tried calculating your own numbers. 

      As for the menu you mentioned, I wasn’t able to determine which one you are referring to?

      Thanks for the compliments too on the website. 🙂

  7. This website has been one of the most crazy and interesting website I have run into. I had no idea that numerology was so important and so relevant to everything! But yes, it could definilty do a lot of damage if it were to fall into the wrong hands. Thank you so much for providing this information for all of us to read today


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