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Birthdate Numerology – Insights For People Born In August

Born in August? Perhaps you are here with an open mind to look for an alternate view to find insights about what your birthdate may show. This post is dedicated to studying the characteristics of people through Numerology where their birthdates occur in August and across the years. Wouldn’t it be great if the insights from your numbers will help you to understand yourself better?

If you do not find a particular birthdate listed here, i.e., DD-MM-YYYY, do leave a comment or contact me via email and I will add it in.

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Do check back on this post from time to time as it will be gradually updated.

3rd August

Character Numerology_03Aug1969_Image

If you are born on 3rd August 1969, the 2-7-9 inner character number pattern in the middle suggests that you have a charming personality that attracts people to you.  And you certainly portray that in your outward appearance and interaction with people as seen in the 7-2 number pattern. You have a clear mind where you have the means to articulate your views succinctly which can easily convince others.

Perhaps you might find yourself always in a busy state and you may sometimes wonder why you are feeling this way. Your numbers also suggest that you might be living in an environment that frequently causes you to feel tense and this makes it more difficult for you to execute your tasks properly.

4th August

Character Numerology_04Aug1961_Image

If you are born on 4th August 1961, you share the same birthdate as Barack Obama who is a Character Root Number 2. And if you are born in 1970 or 1979 for the same birthday, you share the same characteristics as him too!

The 3-8-2 inner character number pattern shows that you are someone who demands a lot on yourself. As a result, you are someone who is likely to face many changes or takes on challenges and thus a busy soul. You can be quite emotional and stressful.  However, you seem to be able to contain your worries well within your inner self. Because as the outward character pattern shows, you have a charm that gains a following as seen in the 2-7 number pattern. And the 1-5 numbers suggest you portray yourself as a man of principles who will abide by and be guided by it.

5th August

Character Numerology_05Aug1971_Image

If you are born on 5th August 1971, you belong to the Character Root Number 4 Planner category. As a planner type, the tendency is that you think and plans a lot to ensure all possibilities are covered. You are a strategist and that is your greatest asset. With a 4-9-4 inner character pattern however, you may tend to overdo it, causing significant stress to yourself.

And this can be quite evident within your inner character where you have the 5-8 and 1-8 patterns, which suggest you are frequently busy and feels pressurized. This may lead you to failure as further suggested in your outward character numbers of 4-8 and 1-8.

The 4-8 number pattern below the Character Root Number 4 further suggests that you may be someone who can be overly committed to a relationship once you enter it. It is also not advisable to get married at an early age and not suitable to live with the elderly or in-laws as it might invite conflicts or arguments.

6th August

Character Numerology_06Aug1972

If you are born on 6th August 1972, you share the same birthdate as Geri Halliwell, who is more prominently known in the 1990s as Ginger Spice in the pop girl group, Spice Girls.

The 5-1-6 inner character number pattern describes you as someone who can be quite obstinate and self-centered, who believes in your principles. In life, you have to depend on yourself to build your network and you will find success and wealth. You may have many opportunities to travel, but these are mostly for business purposes.

In your outward appearance, you should be good at expressing yourself as seen in your 4-2 pattern. Be mindful, however, as you might unknowingly offend people in your conversations with others as suggested in the 2-1 pattern. But your friendly personality will bring you many friends who will give you good advice as seen in the 7-2 pattern.

7th August

Character Numerology_07Aug1973

For people who are born on 7th August 1973, their Character Root Number is 8 which generally denotes responsibility and stress from a positive and negative angle respectively. 

The combination of 6-2 numbers in the 6-2-8 inner character number pattern suggests that they have to rely on their eloquence to gain wealth., thus any career that requires them to converse should be suitable. But be mindful of the presence of the number 8, as the responsibility and stressful attributes can present challenges for them to express themselves properly as they are very much concerned about what they say and do. In that sense, they set limits or boundaries upon themselves to succeed. And they can be quite sensitive to criticisms from others given their strong self-esteem.

The presence of the 5-4 and 1-5 outer character number pattern describes that they are someone who acts according to their principles and will achieve success. But they may want to be conscious of the 3-3 pattern on the right of the chart where it suggests that while they can be proactive to get things done, they can be easily emotional and impatient.

8th August

Character Numerology_08Aug1974

If you are born on 8th August 1974, you belong to Character Root Number 1 which is the Leader character. The 7-3-1 inner character number shows you have the popularity and action taker characteristics and followed by the number 1. However, the sequence in this manner suggests that you are someone who does not know how to make good use of the people around you, resulting in missed or short-lived opportunities to attract talents and assist you.

Obtaining wealth is not an easy journey for you as seen in the 6-6 numbers. And you might be cheated off your money in the course of your life.

You might have to be mindful about the 4-8 numbers that exist in your chart. It suggests planning under pressure and there is a chance that you might end in failure. Always strive to prepare in advance where possible.

9th August

Character Numerology_09Aug1975_Image

If you are born on 9th August 1975, you are a Character Root Number 3 personality, the Action Taker. The 8-4-3 inner character number pattern shows you have the responsibility and planner attributes as well. This sequence suggests that you are someone who worries and thinks a lot. This holds you back from taking action which you are supposed to be as a Character Root Number 3. You tend to hesitate because you seem to have too many things you want to sort out to make sure the action you take is the right one. Relax.

In your outer character, the 7-2 number pattern suggests that you are likely to appear as an easy-going or friendly personality to others. You will receive their help and advice where needed.

10th August

Character Numerology_10Aug1976

If you are born on 10th August 1976, you are denoted by the Character Root Number 5. You are ambitious and have the potential to harness the energies from all the other numbers. But by being in the center of the numbers, you can be generally more self-centered and obstinate. 

The 9-5-5 inner character number pattern probably amplifies that self-centeredness and obstinacy with the double 5-5 numbers in it. Or we may say you are very confident about yourself that you feel you can accomplish anything, and hopefully, you can.

The outer character suggests that you are someone who would bear the responsibilities shouldered upon you and will take action accordingly based on your principles. You are a risk-taker and may eventually succeed.

11th August

Character Numerology_11Aug1977_Image

If you are born on 11th August 1977, you belong to Character Root Number 7 personality. You are generally popular among your circles and this is supported by the 7-2 numbers in your outer character where you should be someone who can be quite sociable and friendly. Friends around will provide you with advice or help you in times of need. 

The 1-6-7 inner character numbers suggest that you may be someone who prefers to work alone or have to work alone to achieve success and wealth. You are likely to have a good fashion sense and generally portray a neat or stylish appearance. Elegance, sophistication, or charisma probably defines you. The combination of these numbers shows you are likely or have the potential to be a public figure or at least you are seen as someone who is always ahead of the times.

Be mindful, however, of the 4-8 pattern appearing in your numbers if you are born on this date. It suggests failure when you plan and work under pressure.

13th August

Character Numerology_13Aug1978

If you are born on 13th August 1978, your numbers in your inner character of 3-7-1 show that you possess the ability to rally the people around you. It feels like you are born with the leadership genes, having the means to take charge and command.

You have the 2-7 numbers in your outer character which suggest you have the charisma to attract the people around you, which therefore harmonises with your inner character pattern. But take note that you have to find ways to retain the support that you have got from your friends or followings as 3-7-1 also suggest that it is easy for you to lose them just as easy as you have gained them.

However, you have to be especially mindful about the presence of the 8-4 and 4-8 numbers that appear in both the inner and outer character views. It appears you may be a person who normally ends up doing things in a tense or stressful environment/scenario which can easily lead you to failure or hard to achieve success.

14th August

Character Numerology_14Aug1979

If you are born on 14th August 1979, your inner character number of 4-8-3 suggests that you are a workaholic, always diligent and busy. You may often delve around repetitive tasks for long periods of time, taking a toll on your health. And the 8-3 numbers in your inner character suggest you are sensitive in nature and can be easily provoked emotionally.

You portray an appealing or charming outlook as seen in your outer character numbers of 2-7 which will attract people to you, usually the opposite gender. But with 4-8-3 as your inner character, it is important to be mindful of your deepest feelings. In a relationship, you can be a very devoted person, too devoted in fact, if you are a female. It may become a problem, given your sensitive nature.

15th August

Character Numerology_15Aug1980

People born on 15th August might generally be more obstinate and possibly harder to deal with as suggested in the 6-8-5 number pattern in the top left of the chart. But they are all quite vocal as seen in their 4-2 numbers in the outer character.

Specifically, if you are born on 15th August 1980, your inner character number of 5-9-5 suggests you are someone who hovers between ambition and conservatism. You generally have great ideas but held back in execution by your indecisiveness as you have many things that you want to logically think through.

On your outer character numbers, it suggests you are an outspoken person as seen in the 4-2 numbers. But you may be quite stubborn and self-centered who believes only on yourself, denoted by the 5-1. Your inner and outer character numbers are aligned on this characteristic especially with the presence of Character Root Number 5 and the 6-8-5 on the top left of your chart. It will take a lot of facts or efforts for people to change your mind, something to think about if you find this affects your life.

16th August

Character Numerology_16Aug1981_Image

People born on 16th August are generally popular but may feel burdened by the people around them as suggested in the 7-8 numbers in the top left of the chart. In their interaction with others or handling matters, they will abide by their own principles to plan and execute their tasks and this can lead them to good results.

For a specific birthdate like 16th August 1981, if you are born on this date (or know somehow who is born on this date), your inner character number of 6-1-7 shows you are someone who is sophisticated and desires the best quality in everything that you do.  You would invest time and money on grooming yourself and follows the latest fashion trends. As you expect the best around you, it is quite likely that the environment that you live in or work in is well decorated or at least neat and tidy.

A couple of things to take note of your outer characteristics. The 8-4 numbers show you may somehow subject yourself to stressful environments or situations that make it difficult for you to carry out your plans. The 2-1 numbers on the outer right suggest that you may unknowingly hurt someone’s feelings with your words. For the latter, you may take this with a pinch of salt since this occurs on the year side. But if you do find this to be true for yourself, then this is something you should be conscious of. I have friends who are born in 1981 and they find this insight to be true for themselves.

17th August

Character Numerology_17Aug1982

People born on 17th August might generally feel quite stressed internally, with the double 8-8 in the top left of their chart. The number 8 also suggests they are a responsible lot. The 6-6 numbers on the outer right of the chart suggest that attaining wealth is not something easy for them as they lack patience.

If we pair the birthday with the year 1982, hence 17th August 1982, it is interesting to see that on the left outer characteristics, it presents a 3-3 number pattern. This pattern suggests such people are particularly impatient and emotional. But of course, as this pattern occurs on the year side, it may not be so apparent.

What is then good, while perhaps contradictory to the above, is that, the 7-2-9 inner character number pattern suggests people born on this birthdate are people who are very understanding, approachable, and friendly. While they may seem impatient and emotional, they are still popular and has many supporters and friends around them. This is perhaps because they are generally very active and willing to help others.

18th August

Character Numerology_18Aug1983_Image

Assuming there is no particular rectification being done, the 9-8 number pattern for people born on 18th August suggests that the career path they have chosen is usually one that could cause them unnecessary stress. People they work with, friends, or supporters around them are also prone to cause them stress.

For a specific birthdate like 18th August 1983, the inner character number of 8-3-2 shows they are a grumpy type of people who are very easily provoked, emotional, and impatient.  The 5-1 numbers in the bottom outer character define that they are obstinate and self-centered who believes only in themselves.

If you know someone who is born on this birthdate, know that the energy vibrations from the numbers that they inherited from birth are like this. It will take some conscious effort from themselves to move away from the negative aspects. Other solutions to mitigate would include surrounding themselves with positive energy that can be acquired.

19th August

Character Numerology_19Aug1984

People born on 19th August are generally hardworking and busy people as seen in their inner 1-8 and outer 8-1 numbers respectively.

If you are born on 19th August 1984, your inner character number of 9-4-4 suggests you are a prudent sort of person who is cautious and conservative. You are brilliant, talented, and can come up with many plans or ideas. But you might subject yourself into the details too deeply that can cause you to run around in circles.

You might be lacking in setting some clear life goals for yourself, but once you do, you should be poised to breakthrough either professionally or academically. Being a Character Root Number 4 Planner personality, you are most suitable to work as a subject matter expert or professionals.

If you are a woman having the 9-4-4 numbers, chances are you are quite good looking. However, if you are born on this birthdate, the absence of the number 6 in your chart suggests that you will have difficulty attracting and retaining wealth.

20th August

Character Numerology_20Aug1985_Image

People born on 20th August may display characteristics of being more socially engaged as seen by the 2-8 numbers in the top left section of their chart. And they can execute things quickly as suggested by the 9-3 in the left outer character.

Specifically, if you are born on 20th August 1985, your inner character number of 1-5-6 suggests you are someone who is confident and has a clear sense of direction and certainty on what you want to do. You may be somewhat self-centered in your thinking but that is due to your firmness in believing in yourself and your principles which helps you to be confident about your decisions. As such, you are strict and demands a lot on yourself. You enjoy outdoor activities and loves traveling. Work-wise, you are likely to prefer to do things that require you to move around and you should have opportunities to do so.

You have the 2-7 numbers in your outer character, which suggest you are charismatic and able to attract people to you, particularly the opposite gender. Perhaps you are most suitable for doing sales, marketing, or anything that requires you to utilize your communication skills which you are good at, as your numbers generally point towards that direction.

Overall, your inherited energy vibrations from your birthdate show you should be successful in your life. It is just to avoid acquiring undesirable numbers that can attract negative energies to you.

21st August

Character Numerology_21Aug1986

People born on 21st August may generally feel that they always have something urgent to do that keeps them busy and stress, and they may wonder why they are always feeling this way as suggested by the 3-8 numbers in the top left of the chart. The 1-5 numbers in the left outer character pattern show they are people of principles and will follow it faithfully.

Paired with the year 1986, for people born on 21st August 1986, they could be quite a money-conscious person where their topics will usually circulate around money or funding matters. Being a responsible Character Root Number 8 personality as seen in the 2-6-8 inner character pattern, they are probably compelled to ensure that all things must be done properly. Without funding, in the end, nothing gets done and that could be one of their underlying principles that they would advocate as suggested in the 5-1 outer character number pattern in the bottom.

At first impression, they might look stern, but once you get to know them, you may find they can be very friendly. The right outer character number of 7-2 further shows that people born in 1986 are generally approachable and thus more easily have the popularity factor where people will lend their support or to give advice.

22nd August

Character Numerology_22Aug1965

People born on 22nd August carries the number 4-8 on the top left of their chart. It suggests that they are people who can be meticulous and will plan carefully and responsibly.

However, what might happen with this number pattern is that as they analyze and work out the details, they might become emotionally attached or over-analyze as they become immersed in a sea of details. It, therefore, carries an element of anxiety which they should be aware of.

And as they pull through with all that inner work, the 2-7 number pattern in the outer character shows that as they present their thoughts, they have a good chance of success.

Specifically, if you are born on 22nd August 1965, you share the same birthdate as Chen Li Ping, who is a Singapore celebrity. It is always a comforting sign when we can spot a 2-7 number pattern in the numerology chart since it represents popularity, support, attraction, or charm.

The 9-9 number pattern just below the Character Root Number 6 shows that you have a great business mindset which gives you the ability to find many opportunities. And you are supported by the 4-5 number pattern on the right outer which explains that you are someone who is determined to stick to what you have set out to do. You believe in your principles and will not be easily swayed by others.

The number 9 in the bottom of the Character Root Number indicates that you are somebody who will eventually be rich as you worked hard.

Internally, the 3-3-6 number pattern shows that you are someone who is energetic and talented, as characterized by the number 3. However, what should be mindful of is that you might have the tendency to be impulsive, impatient, and emotional. And you can be indecisive when given choices.

27th August

Character Numerology_27Aug1991

People born on 27th August carries the number 9-8 on the top left of their chart. It suggests that they are committed and responsible people towards their careers or business to achieve success. However, they might face significantly more challenges due to their attitude or beliefs, thus bringing in much unnecessary pressure in their lives.

In the left outer character, the 7-8 number pattern explains that in their interaction with others, friends or supporters will also cause some stress to them since they are dependable people.

Pairing with 1991, the birthdate of 27 August 1991 will arrive at an inner character pattern of 8-2-1. This inner character pattern suggests that he has many worries but instead of talking it out with others, he prefers to keep it to himself and solves everything on his own. Even if he does share his thoughts with others, he may not heed the advice from them. However, you may find that he is a great problem solver and may come up with uniquely unconventional ways or ideas.

The 3-9 numbers below the Character Root Number 1 suggest that he is someone who takes action quickly and tries to capitalise on the many opportunities that will be available to him. However, patience is key in his case because if not, all his effort may go to waste.

This is especially so because of the presence of the 3-3 numbers in his right outer character. It explains that while he executes things very quickly, he can be very impatient and emotional.

28th August

Character Numerology_28Aug1959

People born on 28th August carries the number 1-8 on the top left of their chart. The 1-8 reflects a characteristic of leadership and responsibility. You may find such people to be very hard working and always busy, as they go about carrying out their tasks. Being very committed to what they do, they will tend to find themselves feeling stressed.

And this feeling shows in their interaction with others too with the presence of the 8-1 in their left outer character. The eventual number 9 suggests that they will usually be successful in what they do.

Looking at the year 1959, the birthdate of 28 August 1959 will arrive at an inner character pattern of 9-6-6. This inner character pattern suggests that they have an entrepreneur mentality. They can come up with plenty of business ideas, and when presented with the right opportunity, they are daring to take risks and take action.

Their business ventures or investments will reap good rewards in the end. The number 9 below the Character Root Number 6 supports that where it shows that they will be wealthy by the time they retire, with at least 3 properties that they will own or equivalent.

Looking at the outer character numbers, they also have the 7-2 numbers. This suggests that they exude a particular charisma that others will find drawn to them and gain a following who will offer them advice when in need.

Their inherited numbers thus show that they can achieve ultimate success in their lives.

29th August

Character Numerology_29Aug1979

People born on 29th August carries the number 2-8 on the top left of their chart. The 2-8 suggests that they are sociable and responsible. You may find such people to be socially active and able to strike a conversation with anyone easily. Their inclination is to communicate, and that can be where most of their time is being spent, even in their work.

And because of this tendency, they are likely suitable in careers that require them to talk. The left outer number of 9-3 suggests that they may do well in short term and fast pace work. This could mean areas relating to selling or project work where these have a short term or periodic nature.

Looking at the year 1979, the birthdate of 29 August 1979 will arrive at an inner character pattern of 1-8-9. This inner character pattern reflects the characteristics of leadership, responsibility, and entrepreneurship. They are people who are dedicated, hardworking, and have a noble mind. They will pursue perfection in everything they do, and thus, it also means that they do not believe in others easily and will have most of their work done by themselves. No one can help them, so to do great things, they are limited to their means.

The outer character pattern of 8-1 below the Character Root Number 9 reflects that they are hardworking people but will face much pressure. The 9-6 on the right outer character suggests that they may generally reap good rewards or results in any forms of investments that they make.

The sum of the 1-7-8 in the right of the chart will arrive with the number 7. It means that they can be quite popular within their circles.

But their supporters will in turn bring to them some pressures as seen by the 7-8. And they will face pressures in their careers as seen in the 8-9 and 9-8. While it looks fine on the surface, they will find it hard to make any breakthrough easily.

Eventually, they should succeed in their lives with the presence of the number 9 in the bottommost part of the chart. This suggests that they have the potential to acquire significant wealth by the time they retire.

Character Numerology_29Aug1983

Looking at the year 1983, the birthdate of 29 August 1983 will arrive at an inner character pattern of 1-3-4. This inner character pattern reflects the characteristics of leadership, enthusiasm, and a planner. They are people who are inspiring, self-motivated, and have strong perseverance to pursue their goals.

What they may have to take note, as the numbers show, is to curb their hot temper and impatience which can potentially happen to them when they get deep down to work. It will help to improve relationships.

And with a Character Root Number 4 being their core, the planning instinct suggests they are people who are really into the details and may get lost, disoriented, and stressed up. They may from time to time doubt whether the goals they are pursuing are worth the while.

On the outer character, the 7-5 numbers below the Character Root Number 4 suggests that they are very loyal friends. But they have to be mindful of this as they may be betrayed or cheated by their friends or supporters.

30th August

Character Numerology_30Aug1930

People born on 30th August carries the numbers 3-8 on the top left of their chart. The 3-8 numbers represent the characteristics of enthusiasm and responsibility. You may find such people to be quick in taking action once they have made a decision. And they would do so with careful consideration.

The left outer number of 1-5 suggests that they portray themselves as well-disciplined, determined, and upholds their principles strongly.

Looking at the year 1930, the birthdate of 30 August 1930 will arrive at an inner character pattern of 2-4-6. This inner character pattern reflects the characteristics of the communicator, planner, wisdom, and wealth.

They have good social skills in business and is an eloquent communicator.

Being a Character Root Number 6, they are people who are wise and will gain wealth in their lifetime. And number 9 at the bottom of the chart suggests that they will be very wealthy when they retire.

The 3-4 on the right of the inner character suggest that they are people who are quick in execution and a capable organizer and planner. The 4-6 shows that they frequently think and plan about how to increase their wealth but they have to do this on their own to attain it.

On the outer character, the 5-7 numbers on the right suggest that they will have many friends who are wealthy and will have the opportunity to mingle and interact with senior officials or government officials. What should be taken note of is that there is a possibility they may be involved in a lawsuit at some point.

Warren Buffett is born on this day.

31st August

Character Numerology_31Aug1949

People born on 31st August carries the numbers 4-8 on the top left of their chart. The 4-8 represents the traits of a planner and responsibility. As with a Character Root Number 4, such people have an attention to detail and may have a desire for perfection in what they do.

Paired with the number 8, however, it means they are the responsible type. Inadvertently, stress will quite naturally arise with such a combination of perfection and responsibility. People with this number should need to constantly remind themselves to calm down.

But perhaps because of such seriousness when they do things, they can be highly appreciated by others or even feel charmed by them. This is suggested in the 2-7 numbers in the left outer character.

Looking at the year 1949, the birthdate of 31st August 1949 will arrive at an inner character of 3-5-8. This inner character reflects the characteristics of enthusiasm, ambition, and responsibility.

Such people are likely the ones who are quick to take action and willing to take up the most challenging tasks.

What should be taken note of is that they may feel troubled easily, emotional, and fickle-minded. They can also get impatient and irritated easily. The numbers 3, 5, and 8 pretty much has such characteristics as well on the negative side. And with the number 5, they can be quite stubborn as well.

But if they can manage themselves well and be aware of their potential shortcomings and learn to embrace their positive side more, they should be just fine.

On the outer character, it shows that they are generally good at presenting themselves as seen by the 4-2 numbers below the Character Root Number 8. And they will think carefully before they say something.

Richard Gere is born on this day.

Hope you find this useful and share this if you do. And if you have a particular birthdate that is not yet included here and would like to have it analysed, or if you have any questions about Numerology, do leave a comment below.

6 thoughts on “Birthdate Numerology – Insights For People Born In August”

  1. Thank you so much for this highly informative article, Richard! It’s amazing to think that our birthdays can say so much about our personality traits. I happen to have an uncle who was born on August 3, 1969, and you described him to a T! He has a very charming personality, he’s very personable, he draws people to him, he loves to help others, and he’s a very clear-headed individual. I have to show him this site! I’m a December baby, so I’m interested to see what it says about me. Haha. Great read! God bless you!

    • Glad to know you found an exact birthdate match to your uncle! If you like to, you can let me know your December birthdate and I can include it in my December post. 🙂

  2. This is a very interesting article. I must admit I don`t understand numerology or know how to benefit from it. My birthday is actually in January but I do have 2 sons with August birthdays. They have different years then your article mentioned though. Does a different year make a difference?

    • Hi Deb,

      Thank you for reading this article!

      Yes indeed, a different year will make a difference to understand the characteristics of a person. Numerology offers a different way to understand the characteristics and life events of ourselves, our loved ones, and others. The belief in Numerology in simple terms, is basically that we study the numbers we inherited from birth where it has energy vibrations that shape our character. If we can know what characteristics a person may have just by looking at his/her birthdate, it helps us to understand them better so that we can learn to communicate better with them or be more understanding/tolerant towards their behavior, if it happens to be a negative one. We can thus spot the positive and/or negative traits from the numbers and then sense if it does occur in their behavior.

      If you have some time to find out more, I left below 2 links that may help to share the Why and the What on Numerology.

      Numerology Definition – Improving Character Awareness
      What is Numerology about? An Ancient yet Modern Knowledge

      Would you like to share your birthdate in January and/or your 2 sons with August birthdates? I could help to take a look if you would like to and feel comfortable doing so. The aim of this post is also to build up an analysis of birthdates across the years for August month so your contribution will be much appreciated and meaningful.

      Thanks and Best Regards,

  3. Interesting insights about what a person’s birth date may show.

    My partner was born on the 14th of August 1979, and I couldn’t agree more with the 8-3 numbers in his inner character. He is sensitive and easily provoked emotionally. Knowing this, I stay away from pressing his emotional buttons!

    • Glad to know you found a direct birthdate match of your partner on this post! Remind ourselves to always smile, give praise and show care and gratitude, this will help bring more positive energies to our lives, and perhaps he will then find a way to live out of his inherited numbers. 🙂


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